With the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro now official, Apple posted a pair of brand new ads on its official YouTube channel as part of its ongoing “Real problems…answered” campaign. Titled “So many things to love” and “A whole new kind of computer,” the videos are running 16 seconds long each and position the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro as a viable alternative to your computer.

With drag-and-drop, a new Files app, an enhanced Dock and other productivity-centric iPad features on iOS 11, plus an improved Apple Pencil hardware and stylus support, your iPad will indeed become more powerful than ever before.

Like before, the new videos are based on real tweets from real people.

“So many things to love”

“You could do everything you love, if your computer was the new iPad Pro.”

The video is based on this tweet by user @yagirlgeorgie.

“A whole new kind of computer”

“ You could work in a whole new way, if your computer was the new iPad Pro.”

The clip is based on this tweet by user @ryandrake.

Don’t forget to watch other WWDC videos Apple posted today, highlighting its all-new iMac Pro model, a Siri-driven smart speaker, called HomePod, and iOS 11’s upcoming productivit-enahncing features on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro model.

  • Thanks for sharing. The first one made me laugh.

  • Sharkey311

    Thought that was Xanthippe for a second in this first ad

  • How many ports does this computer have? And how do I backup my phone on it?

    • Karan Nagpal

      I’d tell you to go wireless (the future), and use cloud back up (again the future).

  • David

    Backup phone to PC? iCloud FTW!