It was only a matter of time until Apple would release an in-house case for Apple Pencil. Lo and behold, just after this year’s main WWDC keynote had come to a close, the item already offered by various third party companies was silently added to the Apple Store.

We’ll put this addition down as rather overdue and predictable – all the while welcome – which also holds true for the colors currently on offer. With Saddle Brown, Taupe, Midnight Blue and Black, Apple draws on the four most classic tones also available for iPhone and iPad cases, playing it safe rather than betting on a new color palette. As it stands, the cases ship in 3-5 business days and can be grabbed for a hefty $29 per piece.

If this is what you were waiting for, hurry up, because shipping times might slip fast!


  • David Pomerleau

    No magnet. Sigh

    • David Pomerleau

      And no clip!!

  • Eli Montoya


  • Are you ƒ##king kidding me? $30 for something that is literally $2 to make? 30 damn dollars?!

  • Franklin Richards

    LOL $29? Just have a quick look on etsy and there are far nicer for much cheaper.

  • jennyzeroo

    So $29 for a case.

    Just a case. Nothing more. A case. It doesn’t stick to anything, or magnetic.

    Does the pencil really need a case that does nothing?

    What’s the point of this thing? I guess it keeps the pencil from rolling?

    YIKES! It has colors……. I guess. Apple nuts LOVE colors.