Apple has long offered a wireless keyboard. Most recently refreshing them last year to include Lightning ports alongside a new Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse.¬†Apple’s packed keynote kicking off WWDC 2017 understandably didn’t have time to touch on a welcomed addition to their peripheral lineup.

Now the Magic Keyboard comes in a numeric keypad version. Previously if you wanted an Apple keyboard with the number pad, you needed to stick with the wired version. Otherwise, there are not many differences. It still powers up a rechargeable battery over lightning, and can last about a month between charges.

It can be purchased from Apple’s website now for $129.

  • So Young

    A month of current charge? The current magic keyboard can last up to 3 months between the charges.

    • :D

      The numeric keys alone use up 2 thirds of the power

  • Is there any word yet as to whether this keyboard has a backlight or not? That would explain the shorter battery life, and that iMac Pro image with the new keyboard made it look like it could be but it’s so hard to tell. If this has a backlight I’d probably get it… If not, I’m not interested.

    • :D

      It’s already on the apple store and it’s not mentioned so no it doesn’t have a backlight

  • Alex Wilson

    Very interested, just for the additional F-Keys! With 2 screens and using Spaces this is a big deal for my needs. But $129… ouch. Apple tax at work.

  • :D

    Kind of annoying it doesn’t have the touch bar

    • African-Techie

      I was thinking the very same thing…

  • igobythisname

    Would been more enticing if it was available in Black (Space Gray)!

    • Omkar Nagnur

      It will be this December

      • Alex Ruski

        no it won’t! won’t be sold separately from the iMac Pro…

  • African-Techie

    You know you’ve got game when you can launch a Keyboard in 2017 and make the news!