A placeholder listing for a new Apple Files app has briefly appeared on App Store ahead of today’s live-streamed WWDC keynote, as spotted by iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith late Sunday. It’s surfaced in the Utilities section of App Store and has since been removed.

No screenshots or the official description were provided.

The app requires iOS 11 and 64-bit support and is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It sports a blue file folder icon resembling the design for folder icons in macOS. It’s entirely possible that the new Files app is really just a rebranded version of the existing iCloud Drive app.

It’s unclear if the forthcoming app will be a new stock item in iOS 11 or an optional download. If I had to guess, I’d say it will likely come pre-installed with iOS 11. Since iOS 10, Apple has allowed users to hide most of the stock apps from their Home screen.

To help users easily re-install any removed stock apps, Apple has provided all of its first-party iOS apps that are removable as downloadable App Store items. iOS 11 will be previewed at WWDC later today along with tvOS 11, watchOS 4 and macOS 10.13.

  • Daniel Moura

    F***** finnaly!!!

  • Guilherme 

    Don’t know if just me but, after iOS 6 Apple has really sucked at stock app icon’s design. Holy sh*t. Look at that thing. Even if that’s not the actual icon made by Apple, cause it’ll probably be something like that. Such a lazy, effortless “work”, seeming like Google designers made it. (yes, Material Design. I’m looking at you). After Forstall was fired, and Ive assumed as Designer Chief, iOS user interface hasn’t gotten any better… in my opinion.

    • AMB_07

      Well you’re probably one of the people who prefer the old iOS interface and that’s fine. I happen to love Apple’s approach starting with iOS 7 and am also a fan of Google’s material design, they just feel more modern to me.