Apple is bringing its renowned Apple Filesystem (APFS) to the macOS platform for the first time with the newly-announced macOS High Sierra operating system for Macs.

APFS first debuted in iOS 10.3 to replace the dated HFS, and the speed improvements were quickly noticed by users.

APFS will optimize Mac speed and efficiency on both economy and high-end platforms, enabling the hardware to reach new heights in performance; especially those with solid state drives instead of hard disk drives.

APFS is designed to make transferring files from one place to another faster. Whether you’re transferring files to an external device or to another folder on your Mac, the speed differences will be noticeable.

In addition to performance improvements, APFS arguably has better security too. This means you an have more peace of mind in transferring files from device to device.

With APFS becoming the standard on all Apple platforms, Apple‘s mobile and desktop operating systems will soon have an even further unified experience than we already have.

Are you excited to see what APFS does for your Mac? Share in the comments section below!

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    I hope they still support the mid 2012 MacBook Pro. It’s still a beast now and with this I can only imagine how much better it would get

    • Mike M. Powell

      It’s supported. Saw on the Reddit mega thread! 😀

      • Wilber Alexander Flores

        Dope ! My laptop lives on 🙂

      • Roland Gustafsson

        I have the same one and it holds its own against the latest models. (Two 512 SSDs internal striped RAID helps too! 🙂 Who needs optical drive! 🙂

  • MacServiceGuy

    oh look… apple takes another giant leap toward turning the mac platform into an ios device (read: apple controls what you can install/do on your device) and the entire mac population, loaded with sheeple that worship apple, cheer on this regressive stupidity

  • Vitor Antunes 

    Nothing to do with the subject but could someone tell me if the APFS is working with FUSION DRIVE