Opening up its WWDC 2017 keynote on Monday, Tim Cook announced that Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service will be coming to Apple TV later this summer.

The move was reported a few weeks ago, saying that Apple and Amazon had finally reached an agreement on how to split subscription fees. That same article also claimed that the Apple TV would soon be available on, after a two-year hiatus.

Cook kind of sped through this announcement, with few details. We’ll update this post if we learn some more information.

  • Finally! I never believed Amazon’s PR in this whole mess.

    If the terms were really as horrible as they claimed they should have pulled their iOS apps and been done with it. But instead they kept them around and never once complained about the terms in those apps. And with good reason. They don’t have to pay Apple for those apps since the purchases all have to be done on the website and there are no in-app purchases for Apple to even claim royalty fees from. (Or did they all forget this when writing those PR responses?)

    Furthermore they removed all of the major competitors from their stores claiming it was because customers were too ignorant of technology to understand that Prime video wasn’t available for them despite keeping a variety of smaller companies video streaming devices around that also didn’t support this. No on in their entire team of web engineers could figure out how to put a notice on these store pages saying “Warning doesn’t support Prime Video, check out our product if this is important to you here?”

    IDK, I’m glad to see them starting to change their stance on this, but the whole thing has made me loose a lot of respect for them as a company.