Google is rolling out a small update to its mobile YouTube app for iPhone and iPad, bringing out an all-new Activity tab where you can easily find and control all of your notifications.

Now you can see your notifications, opt-out of receiving alerts from specific accounts and more—all in one central place just a tap away no matter where you happen to be in the app.

The new tab joins the app’s existing tabs: Home, Trending, Subscriptions and Library.

Before today, accessing notifications was a multi-tap affair: you were required to tap your profile picture in the app’s top-right corner, then hit Notifications (see the screenshot below).

Functionally, nothing has changed drastically—the new Activity section still shows notifications from your favorite accounts in the order they were received.

The old way of managing your YouTube notifications was a multi-tap affair.

Tapping the three dots next to a notification allows you to hide that particular notification, just like before, as well as elect to turn off all future notifications for that account and more.

Tapping the option See All Settings takes you to settings where you can turn notifications on or off for any recommended videos, choose whether you’d like to be notified about activity on your comments or others’ videos, select how you’d like to be notified and more.

The new Activity tab requires YouTube for iOS version 12.20 or later.

Grab YouTube for iOS for free form App Store.


    When Picture in Picture on iPad???

    • Rowan09

      For such a big company they surely drop the Ball on a lot of minor details. I just downloaded the YouTube TV app to try the month free (have Directvnow so I won’t be leaving anyways due to having the $35 plan which is now $60) and you can’t use the opening menu in landscape. I mean come on no landscape for an app that shows live tv until you actually click on a movie or tv channel? I think they do this on purpose so people will use Android. It’s no different then what they did with Google maps, years ago on the iPhone.


        It’s not an Apple issue, but a Developer issue.
        They have to use and to enter in their apps the public API that Apple has published to developers with iOS 9.

      • Rowan09

        I’m not blaming Apple I’m blaming Google.


        they are good iOS developers, their app works really well, however they are very slow about implementing new APIs

      • Rowan09

        I know but PIP been around for about 3 years now on an app that’s used so much by everyone there is no excuse. I believe it’s deliberate.

  • Lea

    Anyone else having the issue where the new activity tab isn’t showing the notifications. It’s just tells me to turn my notifications on despite them already being on. And yes, I did try turning both my phone and the notifications on and off again.