Drivers know just how frustrating it can be when a light comes on out of nowhere indicating that there’s some issue with your engine, lighting, airbag, etc. Now you can beat your car to the punch and fix problems before they arise with the KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner, available for only $16.99.

The KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner can interpret over 3,000 code definitions of generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you can diagnose any car problem and unlock massive amounts of data on your car’s performance in real time.

This handy little tool works on all cars manufactured after 1996 and is compatible with a huge range of additional apps, including DashCommand, OBD Auto Doctor, and Torque Pro.

Get a head start on diagnosing and fixing your car’s problems with the KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner, available for a limited time at over 60% off for just $16.99.

  • nova12

    It’s more expensive, but I love my Automatic Pro. I had the first version, and it was okay, but the pro is awesome. My car is fairly new (2015 Grand Cherokee) so I haven’t had any check engine lights to clear yet, but the unit (including its cellular connection) has worked flawlessly and it’s got some nice s/w bells and whistles (driving style analysis, gas logging, etc).

    • Lui

      Can you please provide a link to this device (Automatic Pro)?

      • nova12

        iDB doesn’t seem to be letting me post links. you can go to www DOT automatic DOT com and check out the “Pro” version (which is the one I have)

  • I wonder how this compares to the Automatic. Seems like it would be a cheap knockoff product but maybe it has it’s own merits? Would love to see a comparison piece between the two if any of you at iDB gets ahold of both.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Just about ANY OBDII will work. Grab the one with the highest comment from amazon. Got a cheapo one off ebay 7 years ago and it still works today… You’ll need jailbreak if you go bluetooth though.