At today’s media event held in Shanghai, China, where it promised to “show the world what’s next,” software giant Microsoft announced a fifth-generation Surface tablet, now called Surface Pro. The tablet/notebook hybrid device is being launched globally on June 15, starting at $799, the same price its predecessor Surface Pro 4 started at.

Billed as “the most versatile laptop,” the new Surface has 13.5 hours of battery life, Intel’s seventh-generation “Kaby Lake” Core processor (the same chip powering Microsoft’s $999 Surface Laptop), a new Alcantara keyboard and a next-generation Surface Pen.

As per Microsoft, Surface Pro has up to 50 percent better performance and 50 percent better battery life than it predecessor and 35 percent better battery life than an iPad Pro. Its 12.3-inch PixelSense touch display supports Microsoft’s Surface Dial and the new Surface Pen.

“Now better than ever, the new Surface Pro combines uncompromising mobility with exceptional power and performance,” says the Windows giant.

The device looks just like on the recently leaked press shots and includes a few new pen and keyboard colors. It sports a single USB Type-A port and Mini DisplayPort, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack and Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect port, but no USB-C.

The new Surface Pro will be available globally on June 15, starting at $799. Microsoft is offering Type Covers, now known as Signature Type Covers, in four color finishes—Burgundy, Platinum, Graphite Gold and Cobalt Blue—mirroring the colors of its Surface Laptop.

The improved Surface Pen stylus features increased pressure sensitivity with up to 4,096 pressure points (from 1,024), tilt that adjusts the thickness and texture of your ink granularly, based on the angle of your pen, for artistic shading and true real-time writing.

“Like putting pen to paper or brush to canvas, the new Surface Pen supports a natural, immersive experience that sets you free to create, learn, and express yourself in completely new ways,” explains Microsoft.

Lastly, the new Surface will be available in an LTE cellular-enabled variant, which will be arriving this fall at a yet-to-be-disclosed price.

For the first time, Microsoft will be selling Surface Pen separately for $99.

Pre-orders for the new Surface Pro and Surface Pro Signature Type Cover begins later today in select markets at Microsoft Store,, and where available.

The new Surface Pen will be available in the coming weeks.

  • GUY

    13.5 hours battery life ( more than iPad pro )
    Surface Pen with 4048 pressure sensitivity and tilt support + 29ms latency.( is now on par with Apple penc)
    i5 model with no fan. ( iPad pro is fanless but has a weaker processor )
    Support for LTE 4G ( as does the ipad )
    On screen surface dial support. ( iPad: what? )
    7th gen Intel core i7 i5 m3 ( ipad pro processor is bit better than m3 )
    New keep on feature lets the surface sleep and wake with the press of a button like a phone. ( like iPad pro)
    So the few advantages the iPad pro had over the surface pro are no more!
    Yes, these aren’t big updates but they are not small either, this update was due and it was enough.
    I hope Apple is baking something good for the next gen iPad pro ( honestly all it needs is an OS more fit for the “pro” tag.

    • Sigit

      Apps Fully adapted: iPad (Thousands) Surface (Some) the rest .exe

      User experience the big difference.

      • GUY

        When you find some free time go ahead and check this article from macrumors.

    • N&LH

      Speaking of battery life… MS claimed, usually it’s a lie!

      same case for Surface pen etc

      Surface Pro 5 is not groundbreaking… take it easy!

  • Tiago Peruchin

    Microsoft: The new Apple!

    • GUY

      More like the new old “jobs era” Apple.

    • N&LH


  • Alexander Figueroa

    Really nice

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Sure, I’m not biased. Knock down the price tag Microsoft, along with all the other products you have and maybe I’ll buy it. But for now, don’t sell something that’s thousands of dollars that’s prone to viruses and stupid problems.

    • GUY

      Surface pro is cheaper than iPad pro ( base models comparison ).
      Surface is a reference product for OEM’s to make similar yet cheaper devices.
      Stupid people get viruses and stupid problems.

      • MMA Rules

        But that’s what you have to think about, you are smart enough to prevent this problems but the general public is greater than people like you and me!

      • GUY

        This is technology, you keep up with it , not the other way around!

      • MMA Rules

        Oh Jesus I’m done

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        That’s why I didn’t reply..

      • N&LH

        Surface Pro base model comes with m3, 4GB and 128GB….. who is going to buy it ?

        MS is pushing people to buy more expensive models

    • Iliyan

      Do you know the reason why Windows is prone to viruses? It’s because it’s on more than 90% of all desktop computers! This is what makes it a lot more attractive to hackers, not because it’s more technically vulnerable than Linux or MacOS.

  • Jamessmooth

    LTE… that sells it for me.