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As Sebastien’s family of Macs is sadly losing a member, Cody is still desperately trying to get rid one of his. Talks include rumors of new MacBook lineup, new iPad, new iPhone, and health and fitness.

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Show Notes

Bloomberg: upgraded MacBook lineup coming at WWDC next month

iOS 11 concept imagines new productivity features for iPad

Apple awarded key iPhone 8 patents for in-screen Touch ID, edge-to-edge display and 3D scanner

This iPhone 8 mockup is believed to feature Apple’s final design

BGR: Next Apple Watch to use smart bands for game-changing diabetes treatment tech

Tim Cook is testing Apple’s glucose tracker prototype on his body

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  • James Kennard

    May I just clear up the misconception about third party screen repair. Mainly that it will not necessarily render TouchID useless, only if they mess up and break the sensor or it’s cable will that happen, it’s just an increased risk of doing so because Apple are better trained and can I think replace the whole button assembly and tell the phone that it’s ok that it has a new home button. Although I would never recommend going to a third party to replace an iPhone screen, just wanted to let you know…

    More importantly in Cody’s case, if it is just a single hair line crack, with absolutely no more than one crack the whole way and no visible damage to the casing, Apple will usually consider this a fault in the glass and replace it for free. I’ve had this done and so has another person I know.