If you’re a web developer, you know just how much precious time can be wasted on repetitive tasks, endless optimization techniques, cross-platform editing, and more.

The three apps in the Mini Mac Developer Bundle will help you eliminate the mindless aspects of your coding workflow so you can focus more on creative development. These apps are sold separately for a total of $49.97, but you can get the entire bundle today for only $14.99.

With the Mini Mac Developer Bundle, you’ll get three top-rated apps: skEdit, Nuggit, and Code Collector Pro — each of which helps you code faster and more efficiently. With skEdit, you’ll be able to automate repetitive tasks, perform project-wide search & replace, and much more. Use Nuggit for quick file manipulations, and to share bundles, scripts, and snippets with skEdit. Finally, Code Collector Pro will allow you to easily organize, use, and share code snippets efficiently so you can spend less time on repetition, and more time on making your sites shine.

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