Leaving your iPhone on your night stand with nothing but a charging cable attached to it can be a tricky proposition. It’s all too easy to accidentally knock it to the floor with your hand, or even step on the cable, stopping the charge or breaking your charger. That’s where having a secure MFi-certified dock comes in handy. With the Charge & Sync Dock, you can keep your iPhone safe and secure, all while charging, for only $19.99.

Everything the Charge & Sync Dock can do is in the name, and it does them both well. With a landing pad-mounted Lightning connector and MFi certification, you can easily charge your iPhone without ever worrying about doing damage to the charging pin. MFi certification ensures that it has Apple’s stamp of approval to safely charge your devices. Its unique S-shaped design also ensures that your phone stays secure inside the mount. Even the dock itself will barely budge. With an anti-slide TPU at the bottom, this dock won’t easily be knocked over.

The Charge & Sync Dock is a $34.99 value, but you can get 42% off now, making it available for only $19.99.