Apple has published a new mini-website with nearly two dozen how-to videos covering iPhone 7 photography. Titled “How to shoot on iPhone 7”, the mini tutorials run about forty seconds each and deal with various topics of interest, including taking depth-of-field images with Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, using tap to focus, adjusting exposure, taking low-light images, capturing selfies with the timer, snapping vertical panoramic photographs, taking stills while filming video and more.

Here are Apple’s photography how-tos.

How to shoot action

“Use Burst mode to capture that perfect split second”.

How to shoot without flash

“Make the most of light sources around you to brighten up your photo.”

How to shoot vertical panoramas

“Boldly go from base to summit with a vertical pano.”

How to shoot close-ups

“Life looks different from 10 cm away. See how to capture it beautifully every time.”

How to shoot great portraits

“Use Portrait mode to take an amazing photo of a friend.”

More photography tips and techniques can be explored via the new mini-site.

  • diggitydang

    Is portrait mode STILL in Beta?

    These videos are for people who’ve never used an iPhone camera before… anyone else, knows all of this anyway… I mean, come on, “Tap To Focus”????

    • Byambaa

      There is no science in taking photo with smartphones, without saying trivials like “tap to focus” the videos would say only “shoot”. 😀

      • WhenYouSeeAWildStreetBat

        There kinda is, to get really good pics and use the cam to it’s full potential there’s definitely a few tricks that help

  • Gethro

    “How to shoot on iPhone 7” had me thinking of something else!

    • WhenYouSeeAWildStreetBat