Windows maker Microsoft announced today at its Build conference for developers that Apple is working on bringing iTunes to Windows Store with full support for Apple Music and iOS device syncing. TechCrunch reports that users will essentially enjoy the same iTunes experience from Windows Store that the existing iTunes for Windows download currently offers.

While Microsoft didn’t show any screenshots of what this experience might look like, Apple may be required to tweak iTunes’ look and feel to match Microsoft’s new Fluent Design system.

The development is especially important in light of Windows 10 S, a slimmed down version of Windows 10 for inexpensive Chromebook-like computers aimed at education, because Windows 10 S customers can only install officially sanctioned apps from Windows Store.

As a result of the restrictions, many popular apps such as Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Spotify are currently unavailable on Windows 10 S systems. According to The Verge, iTunes is one of the apps Windows users search for most often on the store.

Unless iTunes is available on Windows Store, people in the market for a Surface Laptop, for example, won’t be a be able to synchronize their iOS devices with their Windows 10 S-powered PC unless they upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to remove all restrictions.

Windows 10 is now on half a billion devices and Office 365 recently passed its hundred-millionth monthly user, Microsoft revealed at the Build conference.

  • GUY

    Bout time

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome!

  • MacServiceGuy

    lol@apple having to completely modify their vision of what their software should look like to conform to someone else’s nazi policies on design just to end up in their app store

    karma is a b**ch

    • Jay

      Lol at Microsoft for their failed attempt. No zune and windows phone is pretty much non existent. Not sure who is more butt hurt in this situation

    • Yeah back in the good old days when everyone had their own keyboard shortcuts, and their own interfaces and there were no standards for any UX design… Darn old Apple for realizing that customers would have a better experience if they implemented standards for apps and shortcuts and such… I think you’re right on the money to compare them to the Nazis who murdered scores of people based on ethnicity and tried to take over the world.

      Got to love these fair and balanced comments! Thanks for your insights 🙂

  • Iskren Donev

    Now I might install iTunes on my Windows PC and actually use it.

    Before I had it only for jailbreaking. 😀