No matter how careful you are with your data, accidents happen. Computers crash, files get deleted, and occasionally, files just seem to disappear all together. While you might not be able to predict or prevent every problem you’ll have with your Mac, there are ways to be prepared for the worst. That’s where Disk Drill PRO 3 comes in, and it’s available now for $34.99.

Disk Drill PRO 3 is the ultimate data recovery solution for the Mac OS, as evidenced by its 10 million plus downloads. With just a click of a button, Disk Drill PRO 3 will scan your computer and help you restore files that you might have thought were lost forever. It’s compatible with over 200 file types, including documents, music, photos, and videos. You’ll even be able to connect your iPhone or Android device and recover your lost mobile data.

A lifetime license of Disk Drill PRO 3 is $34.99. With this lifetime license, you’ll even have access to all future versions so you’ll always have the most up-to-date data recovery.