Prolific leakster Steve Hemmerstoffer on Thursday posted a purported image of what appears to be yet another technical drawing that may or may not relate to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. “This is a tipped leak, which means I can’t confirm if legit or not but there you have it,” he wrote on Twitter.

The image “confirms” some of the iPhone 8 rumors, namely an enhanced dual-camera system out the back with vertical rather than horizontal alignment and a nearly full-screen front face with just a tiny physical slit at the top of an OLED display for the earpiece.

As Steve himself says, he got this leak from someone who is not a trusted source yet so do take this report with a pinch of salt. The drawing depicts Apple’s quad-LED True Tone flash as sitting between the two cameras. It appears to be built directly into the camera bulge.

I’m not an imaging expert, but positioning the flash LEDs between the cameras may not be smart because the placement might affect the quality of photographs. On the other hand, this could actually be a new 3D camera sensor we’ve been hearing about, not the actual LED flash.

Benjamin Geskin tweeted out a new image of his updated CAD model of iPhone 8.

As you’re seeing above, he has edited the 3D model to match the recently leaked schematics that hinted at the possibility of a charging mat or a coil of sorts on the back of the device.

Unbox Therapy 3D printed a mockup based on the technical drawings provided by Geskin.

To reiterate, there’s really no way of telling for sure if any of these leaks are accurate or not because real-world iPhone 8 components are yet to leak out from factories in Asia.

ROUNDUP: iPhone 8 concepts and mockups—Part I

A NYU grad student, who spent six weeks working undercover in a factory in Shanghai operated by iPhone manufacturer Pegatron, has reveled that only high-level managers are permitted to bring their phones inside the facilities where future iPhones are being assembled.

“I’m not sure whether photos can get leaked by that,” he said.

Which feature are you most excited for in iPhone 8: an improved dual-lens camera, rumored augmented-reality capabilities, wireless charging, stainless steel construction, an all-new industrial design, an OLED display or something else?

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  • Sohail Wahab

    I so hope for the curved screen edges like the Samsung galaxy s8

    • Rowan09

      Why do you want curved edges?

      • Dao Sasone

        Its lika women. We all luv curves lol.

      • Jay

        We like curves on certain things not everything.

    • Vince Reedy

      My Bro in law has curved screen Samsung and hates it because of false touches from holding it in his hand. His words were “it’s the worst thing about the phone.”

    • frozenbee

      curved edges are most useless thing ever

  • Rowan09

    We’ll have vertical cameras.

    • frozenbee

      thats pretty much confirmed at this point, probably this whole drawing is how it will most likely will look like

    • Jay

      After seeing it so much it actually grew on me.. doesn’t mean I want to keep seeing it lol

  • What about the Touch ID…