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Some big news this month, but can you trust it? Besides discussing the latest iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak rumor, Joaquim and Sebastien talk about recent development in the community, including iDevice ReRestore, CoolBooter, and iPhone 3GS exploit, and more.

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Show notes

iDeviceReRestore launches: restore 32-bit devices to any iOS 9.x firmware version

iPhone 3GS untethered bootrom exploit released

CoolBooter dual-boot utility updated to 1.0b6

Delta Beta 3: iOS emulator gets an update

Pangu allegedly demo iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak

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  • CryptoCoin420

    As unstable as 10.1.1 jailbreak is, I am so glad to have it on my iPhone 7. And will stay here until next jailbreak is publicly released. Been there since the beginning of jailbreak. Redsn0w, LimeRa1n, Purplera1n geohotz. Always stay on lowest firmware if you want a jailbreak. I have never been been quick to update because most new features(the good ones) come out as a JB tweak on cydia anyways.

  • f1ght3r

    Man that British guy is extremely boring to listen to. I can’t even listen to this podcast anymore and it used to be one of my favourites back in the day with JB. Oh well, Let’s talk iOS is still good.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Hi, I’m ‘that British guy’. Perhaps you’d like to speak to me directly instead? I’m sorry you don’t find the podcast interesting, do you have any constructive feedback?

      • f1ght3r

        First of all, i apologize If i came across rude…You are very well informed and versed in the subject of jailbreaking. I however find that you lack any sort of emotion, passion and charisma when speaking on the podcast. It’s ok to throw some jokes out there, have a little fun and not be so serious. I find your voice a bit monotone as well, maybe you could have liven up a little? Again, you are very well versed and know your stuff, I just wish you could have a bit more enthusiasm on the podcast.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Those are fair criticisms I think. I haven’t done many podcasts before, so I’m not great at it yet. A mixture of being nervous, and not wanting to leave dead air can lead to going on a bit. The other thing is that when explaining a complex topic it’s easy for it to become monotonous as you try to get the facts straight. All things I’ll try to work on in the next one. Cheers!

    • The British guy is not annoying.

  • Coolbooter is extremely useful for older devices. iOS 9 on A5 devices, or iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 are very slow, and iOS 7/6 have much better performance. You can use the iOS 7/6 partition as the main one, and the iOS 9 ones just for booting untethered.