Apple on Monday shared a new television commercial for iPhone 7 Plus through its official channel on YouTube. Titled “The City”, the video runs 71 seconds long and invites viewers to “focus on what you love” with the device’s dual-lens camera system and Portrait shooting mode in the stock Camera app.

“With Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, you can focus on what you love and leave everything else behind,” reads the video’s description. Check out the ad right below.

Song: “Sing to Me” by Walter Martin (feat. Karen O)

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the ad.

  • Agneev

    These videos make me ❤️ my iPhone more, even though it isn’t a 7 Plus.

    • racerhomie3

      which one are you using?

      • Agneev


  • MadeInNY

    I’m way more interested in the technology they used to digitally erase all the background people from the scenes. It’s cool stuff. Keeping things that don’t move and deleting things that do while keeping the stars of the story. Do a story on that rather than wrapping Apple’s ad in your page and then telling me how long it is? That’s not very interesting.

    • Parsuli

      The mode doesn’t erase people in the background. It blurs them out, the ad made it seem as if the people were completely gone but the feature just blurs out the background and out in focus the main subject. This is a technique called having a shallow depth of field which is used used a lot in photography and film-making. In fact, it is used in this very ad. At the beginning, the woman is in focues while the people passing in frame are blured. As to how the iPhone 7 plus does it, I am not fully sure but it has to do with it having the dual cameras which one being a telephoto (a type of lens that allows you to capture images from afar) which gives you that effect when zoomed in on the subject. So i think apple uses both cameras and software to match both images giving it that effect. But I repeat, this doesn’t erase people in the background, it just blurs them out.

      • MadeInNY

        I understand about how the iPhone does the fake bokeh. I’m not actually interested that. I want to know how the director of the commercial got the streets to be empty in the middle of the day. You can say it’s a camera trick. Sure. You can say green screen. Maybe. They’d still need a way to film it in broad daylight and have there be no people there. It’s possible they closed off the street for a day of filming, but I don’t think that’s what they did. I think they programmatically removed people from a video capture of the yet retailed al the details of the environment. They would have had to remove shadows, and any moving object. Did they create custom software to do this? Did they have an artist tediously paint out all the people frame by frame? If it was with a technological process then I’m really interested in how it works. It would be cool to be able to create a video like that myself.

      • Parsuli

        I believe that what they did was that, in busy places not in the random streets, they just asked the people to not get into frame. As for keeping it a secret, if they did indeed keep it a secret, they just said they were a random producation company filming for a random movie. Sort of like what George Lucas did with Star Wars.

    • siddique

      its feature of iphone 7 plus camera called Portrait

  • Sharkey311

    That song is absolutely atrocious.