Your Apple TV can automatically install new updates when they’re available. I like to keep this option disabled to avoid potential problems that may occur with a major firmware update. I would typically postpone updating until I had a chance to learn more about the new features and fixes. The feature is enabled by default but you can easily disable automatic software updates on your Apple TV if you prefer to be prompted to manually install them, here’s how.

How to disable automatic software updates on Apple TV

  • Apple TV (4th generation)—Go to Settings → System → Software Updates and turn off Automatically Update.
  • Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)—Go to Settings → General → Update Software and turn off Update Automatically.

From now on, you’ll need to check for updates manually.

How to manually check for Apple TV software updates

To check for updates manually:

  • Apple TV (4th generation)—Go to Settings → System → Software Updates → Update Software.
  • Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)—Go to Settings → General → Update Software.

If there’s an update, you can choose to download and install it now or update later.

TUTORIAL: How to update Apple TV software

Changelogs for Apple TV software updates

Any available tvOS software updates for the fourth-generation Apple TV are detailed in a support document on Apple’s website.

Each software update for the second or third-generation Apple TV is detailed in another support document, which is also available through Apple’s website.

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  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Apple should be sued for this. Some users are having issues with their Apple TV automatically updating after turning this feature off.

    • Symphony

      Yup def happen to me!

    • MadeInNY

      Call your lawyer! If not you, then who?

    • Keston Charles

      This is done in a ver sneaky way. It KEEPs prompting you periodically (and the prompt stays up) even if you turn off automatic updates, so pressing the button on your remote even when you are not even looking at your ATV will turn the automatic updates on, then it updates. So just pressing a button to wake it up can unknowingly do it. Underhanded way or forcing/trickIng people to update even if they don’t wanton mean to. Bad Apple.

  • MadeInNY

    I used to have this setting enabled, and then I would go to my brothers house and see some cool feature I would have gotten months earlier if I had just left this on. So I turn it on now.

  • We should know this without an article