A few major iPhone apps have recently removed support for watchOS from their iOS updates submitted to App Store, including Google Maps, Amazon and eBay. As first noted by AppleInsider, retailer Target also removed Apple Watch support from one of its recent updates although the company still offer watchOS integration with its Cartwheel app.

The Google Maps, eBay and Amazon apps all removed support for watchOS without any mention in the official App Store release notes accompanying these downloads. The companies did not say if support for watchOS was ditched permanently or temporarily.

The move could indicate that watchOS features in these apps were not widely used. Google brought Maps to Apple Watch in September 2015. eBay and Amazon updated their respective iPhone app with watchOS compatibility in 2015.

I can confirm these apps have indeed dropped watchOS support because they’re no longer found in the list of compatible apps inside the companion Watch app on my iPhone.

It’s especially annoying that Google Maps no longer offers a native watchOS app as it’s made following turn-by-turn directions a lot easier with related wrist notifications.

If you manage to spot other examples of Apple Watch apps being removed from iOS updates, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll add them to the list.

  • Ds

    Very interesting considering Google Maps was just updated for Android wear over the weekend.

  • nova12

    I use all those apps on my iPhone but never used their Watch versions. There are only a handful of non stock apps I use on my watch (chamberlain garage door opener and spark, basically). And I’ve always used Apple maps for directions.

    For me, the watch’s utility is in mirroring notifications to my wrist and tracking health metrics, not as a standalone mini-iPhone. so I’m not all that bummed about amazon or eBay or most other apps.

    • Rowan09

      Couldn’t agree more. When I was selling on eBay it was convenient with the eBay app, but I’m not anymore so it doesn’t matter.

  • whodakat

    This isn’t a good move for Google. First off, I use my AW every day but readily admit that 3rd party apps basically blow. There are a few apps out there that do work great, but on the whole, not so much a selling point of the watch. I don’t use Google Maps, but the point remains the same, I do actually use the turn by turn directions on the watch, so if you used Google Maps and many people do, you’d loose parity with Apple Map users, and no one likes that. Their intent may be to get AW users to dump the AW for Wear, but I don’t see that happening IMO. As for Amazon and eBay, what could either of them do on a watch screen other than send me notifications? Is someone out there shopping on their AW?

  • brian.

    For Google at least, the maps app was crippled by design. It doesn’t have turn by turn or anything really that useful. People didn’t use it because there really wasn’t much to use.

  • Lui

    Tune In Radio (and Pro)

  • Cerberus The Wise

    As someone who has tried their watchOS apps, I’m not all that surprised. These apps were borderline useless and I just removed them from my watch since I couldn’t imagine them being useful in any situation I could imagine. My guess is that they’re failed attempts that didn’t live up to expectations and have probably gone back to the drawing board for the time being. A good WatchOS app should have some more functionality beside just mirroring iPhone notifications.

  • Blip dude

    Funny, I get those apps were just mirroring iPhone notifications but after being an owner of one for the past 6 months I’m still trying to figure out what the hype behind smartwatches really is. Sure it’s useful but I feel like if I was to get rid of it I wouldn’t be missing out on much, besides the fact that people assume I have a huge disposable income for owning a smart watch (hint: I really don’t).

    • nova12

      I don’t think it’s indispensable at all. I think it’s a “luxury” item that provides a bit of extra utility that probably isn’t justified by its price.

      Like, you can get by just fine with regular light bulbs, but if you shell out some extra cash, Hue bulbs will give you some extra convenience.

      Totally not necessary, but nice to have if you can afford it. So yeah, basically what you said at the end.

    • Rowan09

      Well when I was training for FDNY it was very useful for my runs, for times, etc. Everything is about convenience and since I work in construction it’s easier to look at my watch at a text or missed call instead of taking out my phone all the time. It’s useful for some but not necessary for a lot of people.

      • Jerry

        It is extremely useful at my job. When I’m at work I set up all the alert news and weather straight to my wrist without me having to take my phone out of my pocket put the passcode in and go in the app.

  • MadeInNY

    Can you guys point me to an article that let’s me know when an app gets Apple watch support? I’m not sure how useful it is to know I can’t do something. What I really need is to know what I can do.

  • Swanny246

    > It’s especially annoying that Google Maps no longer offers a native watchOS app as it’s made following turn-by-turn directions a lot easier with related wrist notifications.

    Errrr did we use the same Apple Watch app? The Google Maps watchOS app was just a static list of directions that highlighted the current direction. No notifications, no wrist taps. Not necessarily Google’s fault as watchOS 2 was incredibly restrictive, but it was useless.

  • MacServiceGuy

    always fun to watch fan boys/girls get angry at anyone but apple.

    ok – here you go, i’ll make this simple: supply and demand. it’s called capitalism.

    do you really think amazon, ebay and google would stop supplying something that had demand?

    i’ll make it even simpler for apple fans who refuse to tell themselves the truth:

    1. sometimes apple has dumb ideas for products
    2. a $300 watch is a dumb idea

    it’s that simple

    the problem is: it’s a significant pet project for apple and removing it now would make tim cook look like the dolt he actually is

    • burge

      As is obvious that you didn’t read what was in the post so I’ll tell you. It has nothing todo with Apple if these companies remove a feature from the Apple Watch and no one is angry at Apple in fact no one has posted a angry comment on this thread.

      Is the watch over priced, yes probably but it sells out on release date so what does that say.

    • nova12

      If wonder bread stops selling bread at Safeway because no one is buying it (instead, they’re buying store brand bread), that is a supply/demand issue for wonder bread, not Safeway. people are still shopping at Safeway and Safeway is still making money.

      so if google removes Apple Watch support because everyone is using Apple maps, that’s an issue for google, not Apple. People are still buying and using the watch.

    • “do you really think amazon, ebay and google would stop supplying something that had demand?”

      Uh yes actually… Case in point, Amazon has forbidden the sale of all Apple TVs and Chromecasts from it’s store (even forbidding 3rd party retailers from selling it using its service) because they want a leg up on the competition. You can still buy cheap knockoffs like anycasts and what not but the most popular retail items in this category are explicitly banned by Amazon for sale. I could give examples for the others but just 1 example is enough to prove your point wrong…

      As far as your other points, I don’t know that there’s a single person on this site that honestly believes apple can and does no wrong. This site among other things attracts a large community of jailbreakers and if everyone thought Apple’s products were perfect there would be 0 need for modifications. As far as $300 watches go, I assume you know that’s the same price as the Galaxy Gear and the Huawei Smartwatch so I guess you’re saying that every company out there who prices a watch at this level is dumb? You probably don’t know this, but Apple’s “dumb” watch outsold Rolex by 1.5 Billion dollars, sold around 6 million units in the last quarter alone and accounts for almost 80% of all smartwatch sales today. But I guess if you were there advising them you would have saved them the embarrassment of so much success and money right 😉

      Personally I’m excited to see what the future hold for this technology specifically because I don’t believe it’s perfect and I think there’s a LOT of room for it to grow.