Some owners of Samsung’s nearly bezel-less Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones are complaining about burnt-in pixels in their AMOLED screens. According to web reports, the affected customers are seeing permanent discolorations in the lower part of Samsung’s Infinity Display where the new virtual button resides, Korean outlet The Investor reported Monday.

Virtual Home button and Always On Display

The virtual Home button is shown on the screen permanently thanks to Samsung’s Always On Display technology. Like plasma screens, AMOLEDs are prone to burnt-in pixels that may occur after prolonged exposure to static images.

The South Korean company has attempted to mitigate the problem in software, by slightly changing the position of the virtual Home button every now and then to avoid burnt pixels, Dutch website Galaxy Club reported last week.

Responding to a tweet from a Dutch user concerning this issue, a spokesperson for the South Korean conglomerate said its phones use a special “algorithm to prevent burn-ins.”

“Whether the consumer’s claim turns out to be true or not remains to be seen,” the spokesperson added. “At the moment, we are not receiving reports of other cases.”

A few Redditors have warned about potential burnt-in pixels with the Galaxy S8 models.

“When the phones are idle they show the same screen, then when you use the web browser you can see the burn in in the form of a rectangle. Is this a concern for everyday users?,” one Redditor asked.

“Isn’t there a much higher risk of screen burn in with the Always on Display and home button enabled?,” another one jumped in. “It’s one thing if they’re in the same place when you turn on the screen, but now as the name suggests, it’s always on.”

It’s also possible that the reported burn-in syndrome is actually image retention.

Red tint and unexpected restarts

Samsung’s latest flagship phones have had their fair share of teething issues so far.

After folks began noticing a red tint on their Infinity Displays, Samsung said it had nothing to do with hardware. Blaming its own color management software, the company issued a software update that has removed the redish tint.

Last but not least, concerned Galaxy S8 owners took to social media to complain about their device abruptly restarting for no apparent reason. The malfunction had not been addressed on Samsung’s part at the time of this writing.

Will iPhone 8 suffer from burnt-in pixels, too?

It will be interesting seeing how Apple approaches OLED burn-ins with iPhone 8, which is said to feature a 5.8-inch screen with a usable area measuring 5.1 to 5.2 inches diagonally and the rest reserved for a function area at the bottom.

If Apple places a virtual Home button in the function area along with other persistent shortcuts, as rumored, it too might need to employ software techniques to mitigate any burn-ins.

The latest Galaxies may be especially prone to burnt-in pixels due to Samsung’s Always-On Display, which uses fewer colors when displaying simple info like the time and date.

Thankfully, this feature can be optimally disabled in settings so that could be something that people who are concerned about burnt-in pixels may consider doing.

Do you own a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus?

If so, have you experienced any burnt-in pixels or red tint on your device’s AMOLED screen yet? How about unexpected restarts or shutdowns? Tell us in comments.

  • Stephen Hedger

    So the s8 has burn in? The s7 with the exact same technology has been out over a year and this is the first iv ever heard of the issue

    • It’s probably a few isolated incidents, but S7 didn’t have a virtual Home button that’s always on and using the same pixels. The fact they issued a software update to move that button slightly every now and then suggests burn-ins were real. FWIF, some Redditors have warned about potential screen burn-ins with Galaxy S8 in the past so there’s that

      • Stephen Hedger

        Does that mean a fix has been released to move the button slightly at random?

        I assume this will solve the issue… I hope.

    • Rowan09

      Well the S8 is “infinity display” so changing the name made it new. Just kiddding.

      • Jay

        Drop the “edge” model altogether and call it an infinity screen = brand new feature

      • Rowan09

        Exactly. People call it the most beautiful phone ever and to be honest I was in Best Buy walked pass it (all black phone) and I thought it was the iPhone at first until I got closer. I’m not knocking the phone but every year Samsung release a new phone it’s the most beautiful phone ever from reviews on the web. This S8 is a S model, it’s not a huge upgrade at all. I’ll wait to see what the 9 offers because I’m fine with the 7 (which I barely use as my 4th line with t-mobile).

      • Stephen Hedger

        For me it’s the phone the s7 should have been. 64gb storage and full screen. I guess most phones these days are just S versions of the previous.

        Apple for example release the same phone but 33% faster every year.

      • Stephen Hedger

        All in one screen is new. Last years model didn’t have it neither have any iPhones.

        I’d say it was new.

      • Jay

        What all in one screen. The fact it a bit longer to include a home button? The idea is still the same as the previous edge model phones.

      • Stephen Hedger


        They have removed the home button? The screen is now virtually bezel free.

        The screens are different

        What do you class as new? A triangular double layer screen with holographic projector? Lol

      • Jay

        The screen still has bezels on the sides top and bottom the only thing new is part. It is an edge phone. This is why they do not have and edge model this year. The infinity screen is a gimmick.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Not really a gimmick as this is how the iPhone 8 will be and no doubt all future phones. Small changes year on year is how phones will be presented.

      • Jay

        If its on the iPhone then the feature is new to the iPhone. Difference is samsung already had screen that curved around the sides of the phone. The difference here is a smaller bezel but its still the same feature with a different name…

    • dtox

      The first? Amoled is known for this, especially with virtual buttons. You should see my Nexus 6p. That being said, there are benefits as well, those blacks are amazing. Burn in definitely can be hard to ignore once you see it though, it drives me crazy sometimes when I’m watching videos, etc.

      • Rowan09

        Yes that’s one of the flaws with Amoled screens over LCD.

      • Stephen Hedger

        I guess because my s7 AOD moved occasionally it wasn’t an issue but is this issue because of the home button staying on in the same place? I assume an update will fix this.

  • Adan

    Well, at least they are not exploding…

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Wait for the note 8

      • Adan

        I’m counting on it.

        Still, it’s early days for the S8.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        I’m honestly hoping that the note 8 doesn’t. Even if I dislike Samsung, I really don’t want anyone to get hurt by manufacturer defects and miscalculations.

      • Jerry

        I’m with you on this

      • Adan

        I don’t want anyone to get hurt either! I was merely saying that Shamesung will no doubt screw up one way or another.

  • Julio Hernandez

    GS8+ owner and no issues with my phone so far. Love everything about it minus a couple of things I miss about iOS like the swipe from left to right to go back gesture and swiping on the keyboard to move the cursor

    • Robert Nguyen

      exactly my thoughts too! Switched from an iPhone 7. But I think we’ll get used to it by time. =)

    • Benedict

      For the cursor feature, you can use Google GBoard.

  • Tom Egner

    27 days out of the box, I have burnt in / dead pixels mid display just above center and to to right. T-SHIRT Mobile is going to exchange the phone. Errrr

  • Jevgeni

    Huh? Yesterday I bought an s8+ and returned it today due to some rose pixels.

  • Bill D

    My s8 PLUS has image retention – from Clash Royale – at the bottom left of screen you can see the “chat balloon” icon (where you can choose taunts to other players). There are other burn items which aren’t clear or discernable but clearly aren’t supposed to be there. I have had no other issues with the phone and I love it but I am super bummed about this issue, and found this page while searching if others have the same issue. I have not tried a warranty return as of yet.

  • Ingebjørg Uro Maage Alfsen

    Got my phone yesterday. Have a dead pixel on the right side.. just noticed it 🙁

  • Mine has a single red, stuck / dead pixel

  • Lukasz Jerszynski

    Just recived S8+ and there is a red dead pixel on the screen.