iPhone users are sadly too familiar with how quickly Apple Lightning cables tend to fray and become unusable. Chances are that you’ve had to buy several replacement Lightning cables yourself over the years. The Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable was designed to be much sturdier than your standard cable to avoid this exact problem, and it truly hits the nail on the head.

The Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable is dual-plated with steel, so you’ll never have to worry about exposed wiring. Instead you’ll have a flexible, sturdy cable with a 1.5-meter reach; much longer than your standard Apple Lightning cable. The Lightning and USB connectors are also encased in aluminum ensuring even more durability in the areas that are typically broken. Of course, the cables also come with an MFi certification so you can rest assured that they’re safe to use with your devices.

The Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable is the last Lightning cable you’ll ever need, and iDownloadBlog is offering it now for 29% off the retail price. Grab one for only $29.99.

  • Agneev

    TSA’ll let it through?

  • White Michael Jackson

    Question what are the chances of getting shocked using something that has steel in it? I have been eyeballing cables like these for a while but I worry at some point I will electrocute my self.

    • Boaz van Veen

      It charges the iphone with 5volts. Regardless of current thats too low to penetrate your skin.

    • james

      As long as you utilize an Apple dc converter and/or do not operate it while in the shower (like one person did on her honeymoon, RIP) you should be mostly safe. Cheap power converters do not have the ac/dc line separation in them they should have so the ac can jump to the dc side, then it is much higher than 5V and the kind that grabs.

  • Satyam Panchal
  • John Robinson

    I still have all my original cables the Apple battery case for my 6 and 7. The trick I do do for not having to purchase numerous cables is just don’t use your phone when it’s charging. I have a iPad and a Apple Watch I can answer with while it’s charging.