A pair of purported iPhone 8 design drawings that “leaked” recently depict Apple’s upcoming flagship as having a vertical dual-camera layout and a rear-mounted Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Today, these alleged schematics received a cool CAD treatment, courtesy of Instagram user bro.king. He went about creating a 3D model of a future iPhone with a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor, based on supposed technical drawings, and this is what he came up with.

The renders envision an aluminum iPhone 8 shell featuring squared rather than rounded edges that resemble the iPhone 5 series. But before you get too excited, note that the author himself admits the alleged iPhone 8 schematic he used as a starting point is “probably fake”.

The backside features a cutout for a vertical dual-lens camera system (unlike the horizontal dual-camera layout on iPhone 7 Plus) that some people claim could help improve image quality while supporting augmented reality features.

Below the Apple logo is a circular cutout that a lot of publications suspect might contain a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor although it could just as well be there to support rumored wireless charging functionality.

Needless to say, the veracity of supposed iPhone 8 schematics is impossible to determine until first components start leaking out from Asian supply chain, and that won’t happen before iPhone 8 enters volume production later this summer.

Apple is said to be working on integrating an optical fingerprint sensor underneath iPhone 8’s OLED display although unforeseen technical and manufacturing issues could spoil those plans, in which case an iPhone with a rear-mounted Touch ID could be Apple’s fallback device.

So, about that cutout on the back: could it signify a rear-mounted Touch ID fingerprint sensor or something entirely different, like wireless charging support, do you think? And how would you like to have the iPhone 5-style body on a larger screen?

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Source: bro.king on Instagram via MacRumors

  • Zebhela

    Love the word ‘fake’ in the title! Please Apple, no Touch ID on the back!

  • ravinigga

    The design looks nice like the iPhone 4.
    But again Touch ID is for me meh is there no other choice if it don’t work in the display.

    • Alexis Marrero

      I think you mean the iPhone 5.

  • SpideyRules

    I love it…TouchID in the back and all.

    • czbird

      U love having to pick the phone from the table everytime you want to unlock it? Or not being able to unlock it at all while it’s docked in car dock? Strange are ways of love, indeed…

      • SpideyRules

        I see you’ve forgotten about that giant thing on the front called a SCREEN. That’s where I can enter my passcode to unlock when on a table or docked. Strange the ways of entitlement…

      • czbird

        Ok, so let’s force users to use an old-fashioned way that takes longer and requires a lot more of concentration (dangerous in car), and let’s adore it as a vast improvement. Hmm… I hope not.

      • burge

        Apple could also do voice recognition to unlock the device so you don’t need to pick it up.

      • SpideyRules

        ‘Dangerous in a car’?

        You’re not supposed to be using your mobile device in the car at ALL genius!

      • czbird

        Well, that may apply to you. I use phone in car to navigate. There’s no law against it here. Sorry for you if you can’t.

      • SpideyRules

        Thank you for admitting your idiocy. I’m sorry for YOU that you DO. FYI – You’re supposed to pull over to use the navigation.

      • czbird

        Why would I? I don’t have to… do you? Nobody said I control the phone during driving… what if I’m standing at red light? You’re just proving your narrow vision of the world around you. Not everyone acts like you, nor are they SUPPOSED to act as you’d like them. Furthermore, there are different jurisdictions… Look around, sometimes. 😉

        And since you’ve started with personal offences, I’m over with this debate.

      • SpideyRules

        A. No, you don’t HAVE to. That’s why states have to make laws that prevent it…to hopefully deter idiots like you from doing so. When the law gets made in your state, FYI, it will most likely follow suit with every other state, whereas you can’t use your mobile even stopped at a red light.

        B. I started the personal offenses? Didn’t this entire discussion begin because you took issue with my opinion about the phone’s POSSIBLE design? What was it you said? Let me scroll up…

        Oh yeah, ‘strange are ways of love, indeed…’ But sure…I started the personal offenses…lol

  • Jamessmooth

    A few folks in Cupertino are having a good laugh about this today.

  • Cerberus The Wise

    Let’s please stop making the rear Touch ID a thing…

  • Alexis Marrero

    I love this look. The squared off all aluminum iPhone 5ish style is great. As for the touch Id position. I highly doubt that’s going to be the spot they pick of they can’t get the fingerprint through the screen to work.

  • Gethro

    Dear apple make the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone touch ID and maybe I’ll consider buying it

  • Jaba Haba

    since they already got a apple logo on the back, would be nice if they make that logo the finger print reader. If they are going to move the touch ID to the back of the phone

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    1, Infinite Loop is laughing

  • Satyam Panchal

    Ok it is fake come on apple are not stupid they have best design engineers. Stop post fake news and iPhones 7s is not even released yet and ppl talking about 8

  • Natalie

    They literally have a perfectly good place on the back of the phone… If this is going to be true, why not just use the apple logo? Hell, they could do both. Add a cheaper version under the screen that kinda works and add one into the apple logo that actually does work :/

  • ck125

    If this does end up being real, not sure why they make the touch ID so low on the back. Would have been much better integrated right into the apple logo then wouldn’t need any extra cutout for cases, etc.

  • João Almeida

    I hope this idea hasnt even crossed their minds.

  • Madhu Renduchintala

    If they HAVE to put the TouchID sensor on the back, why not make the Apple logo the TouchID sensor?