A little more than a month following Chrome’s version 57 release, Google today announced that it’s rolling out Chrome 58 for Mac, Windows and Linux featuring a number of bug fixes and developer enhancements. Although beta versions of the browser on the Canary channel included support for Touch Bar shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro, Google pulled it from subsequent betas as well as from the stable release as it wasn’t ready for prime time yet.

The update includes 29 security fixes, thoroughly detailed on the Chrome Security Page.

Developer-only features in Chrome 58 include:

  • Fullscreen experiences for Progressive Web Apps on Android
  • New sandbox iframes
  • Enhanced support for large data sets
  • IndexedDB 2.0 support for schema management, bulk actions and more
  • Custom Chrome controls for downloads, fullscreen and playback

The full list of changes in Chrome 58 is available in the changelog.

The Touch Bar shortcuts that had been available briefly in Chrome beta builds included shortcuts to some of the most commonly used actions, such as back/forward, reload, add to bookmarks, search or type URL, create new tab and more.

The company says Chrome 58 is rolling out over the coming days and weeks so check back in a few days if you don’t have it already. The browser provides a silent updating mechanism to automatically keep your copy of Chrome up to date.

To check for updates manually, choose About Google Chrome from the Chrome menu.

Download Chrome for Mac, Windows or Linux directly from Google.

Source: Google

  • Agneev

    They took almost 4 months to integrate Force Touch!

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Funny how the heading reads ‘STILL no support for touch bar’ like touch bar is something ao great that every developer needs to add support for it in their app.
    I barely use my stupid touch bar, Apple said it’s just not right using a touch screen on a laptop because that’s not how you interact with a laptop. Well touch bar isn’t something you usually interact with a laptop, why should i move my hand away from trackpad to scroll among photos when the perfectly good trackpad does the work. Touch bar is just stupid.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Google must see touch bar the same way most of us Mac users do…..not long for this world.

  • :D

    Still also needs to add support for picture-in-picture and quick look when force touching weblinks