Apple has always been boring when it comes to wallpaper options on the iPhone. They debuted ‘dynamic wallpapers’ when iOS 7 dropped, but to this day, you’re still limited to Apple’s stock selection; otherwise, you have to use still images and you can’t change things beyond that.

To fix that problem, a new free jailbreak tweak called PanoramaPapers by iOS developer sst1337 can complement your device by letting it stand out from the rest. It lets you have different kinds of wallpaper layouts on your device, depending on the images you choose.

PanoramaPapers gives you two different wallpaper functionalities that aren’t supported on stock devices, including:

1) Having a panorama wallpaper that moves along with your Home screen paging. In this mode, your wallpaper pans over slightly with each page scroll:

2) Having individual wallpaper images for each Home screen page. In this mode, the wallpaper literally changes with each page scroll:

The panorama mode works best with wide wallpapers, such as panorama images you’ve taken or desktop-style wallpaper images that are wide enough to span across more than one Home screen page that you might’ve saved from other sources. You only need to configure a single image to use a panorama-style wallpaper, but remember to use a wide image, as tall images won’t work for this.

To configure your custom wallpaper layouts, head over to the Settings app and visit the PanoramaPapers preferences Pane:

Here, you can toggle the tweak on or off on demand, choose your wallpaper images, and respring to save your changes.

There are 7 wallpaper selectors in total because the tweak supports different wallpapers for up to 7 of your Home screen pages. You can preview the images you’ve set to ensure they look how you want and delete them any time you don’t like what you set.

If you have multiple favorite iPhone-sized wallpapers saved from one of the many wallpaper apps in the App Store or from Google, you can opt to apply them to each of your Home screen pages.

Keep in mind – if you want to set a panorama-based wallpaper, just choose a single image and set it under the first image selector.

For someone who’s fed up with Apple’s boring wallpaper options in the current iterations of iOS, PanoramaPapers offers a potentially fun way to change how your device looks for the better.

If you’re interested in giving the tweak a try, you can download it for free today from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.  The tweak works great on jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

EDIT: If you have trouble setting the the tweak up after installation, the developer has asked me to direct all questions to the Reddit page. Drop a comment there and he will be able to reply to you directly to see what might be causing the confusion.

Do you like the idea of having more diverse wallpapers? Share in the comments section below.

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  • Jaimee Allen

    Doesn’t work. Garbage

    • Can you provide details about your device configuration? It worked fine for me with iOS 10.2, as you can see in the screenshots above. Perhaps you have a tweak conflicting or you forgot to respring?

  • Johnny V

    Need This For iOS 8.4….iPh 6+. Last Untethered Jailbreak

  • The Zlatan

    Anthony, I think you should make a more detailed tutorial on how this works. So far I have only maneged to get a wallpaper on my lock screen and there’s nothing panoramic about.
    I could do this in normal settings without having to respring.
    As others say, so far garbage..

    • You need to use a wide wallpaper or a panoramic image to get the panoramic wallpaper. Images that are taller than they are wide won’t give a panoramic experience. Also, to comment on your Lock screen, you’ve confused me. This tweak is for the Home screen. I would recommend you experiment with different image sizes. As shown in my GIFs, wide images give a panoramic effect and tall images can be applied to each individual page.

      • The Zlatan

        Hi Anthony, thanks for getting back to me.
        Still stuck on an image only showing on the lock screen.
        I will contact the developer and see what he says.

      • That is really weird, while testing the tweak I did not see a change on my Lock screen – only on the Home screen.

      • The Zlatan

        If you go to the reddit page you will see people having all sorts of problems with their lock screen/home screen..

  • Elijah Ballesteros

    Installed this tweak today and doesn’t allow for my device to respring. It is on an infinite respringing loop and now I can’t even remove it since i can’t access cydia. So mad. Now my JB doesn’t work!!!

  • sg1969

    I always wanted to use panorama pictures as background. I just came back from holiday, and have a few panoramas that would be perfect for this.

    Then I remembered I only have one page cause I hate having icons all over the place 😛