To promote its new app update that allows you to gift coffee directly from iMessage, Starbucks is currently running a promotion that lets you gift $5 to someone, and receive $5 from Starbucks. The promotion is valid until April 23rd, and is limited to 45,000 gifts sent, but I can confirm that as of this morning, this limit had not been reached.

In order to get this going, all you need is to download the Starbucks app and activate its iMessage counterpart. From there, go through the process of gifting $5 to someone, and pay with Apple Pay. The recipient will receive your $5, and if you’re eligible, you will receive an email from Starbucks with a $5 redeem code for yourself.

It is pretty straightforward, but I still suggest you check out the basic rules of the promotion. If you’re going to take advantage of this, you probably want to make sure you do it as soon as possible, because these 45,000 gifts will go pretty quickly.

It is indeed a pretty neat way to promote their application. A real win-win for everybody. Now if you feel like gifting me coffee, don’t hesitate one second!