There are a few things in life you should never cut corners on, such as buying a car or new laptop. Choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is high on the list as well, as it’s the only mainstream way to keep your internet activity from prying eyes and greedy Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Protecting your digital privacy is more important than ever due to the recent Congressional decision to eliminate consumer protections keeping ISPs from collecting and selling our data without our consent.

But downloading a cheap, run-of-the-mill VPN can be equally or even more dangerous than putting your data in the hands of your ISP. We suggest investing in a top-rated VPN like Private Internet Access VPN with a reputation for taking privacy seriously. For a limited time, take 63% off two years of the VPN we rated as one of the best, for a final total of $59.95.

With Private Internet Access VPN, you’ll have high-level encryption to thwart everyone from snooping government officials to digital advertisers looking to collect data on your browsing habits. In fact, to your ISP, your browsing history from first click onward will appear as total gibberish. As a bonus, Private Internet Access will also allow you to bypass censorship filters from anywhere in the world, so you’ll be free from geographic restrictions as you catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Most importantly, you can download Private Internet Access on up to 5 devices, so you’ll be fully protected everywhere you surf the web. And if the VPN connection is terminated at any point for any reason, all traffic is halted with a master kill switch. Get started today at 63% off for a two-year subscription to Private Internet Access VPN.

  • Valinor

    Omg I love you guys. Mine expired a week ago, but i was still in my grace period so was waiting for it to stop working (tomorrow) before purchasing another year.
    Would have cost me 39 euro for 1 year but thanks to you guys i paid 58 for 2 years. 20 euros less than I would have. 🙂
    Thanks! Perfect timing!

  • Ryan Ot

    StackSocial also has it for this price but promo code PIA15 drops it down to $50.96. I just got in on this deal the other day and I can’t be happier with the service.

  • C Mac

    I joined a few days back. the site claims that you can get around geo restrictions for streaming, but I have not had luck with Amazon Prime. I haven’t tried Netflix yet. I reached out to PIA to see if there was another server I could try that Amazon hasn’t identified yet. Waiting to hear back

    I like the fact that I can set it up on my router via DD-WRT, which protects everything in my home. I haven’t been as impressed with the iphone app. I have issues getting the VPN to work on wifi. It seems to drop out alot on LTE as well. It has an auto reconnect feature, but I have to disable that because it renders my wifi usless.

    • Andre Kristani

      Try us texas

      • Barney Spazmo

        Many many routers are too shit from a computation point to effectively run openvpn on them without creating a serious bottleneck. Don’t expect success on a $50 consumer grade router if that’s what ur using. Ddwrt has many flavours but at the end of the day there’s a reason why some routers are more than double the price.

        As for Netflix they have been ip blocking VPN servers for a while now to appease the copyright trolls. Geoblocks exist due to archaic laws in different countries which make it prohibitively expensive to blanket allow certain content everywhere. Wouldn’t be surprised if prime is doing the same thing.

  • Jeff Chaves

    I don’t see anything different here. When I go online to subscribe it has always given me the $29.99 price per year. Where’s the 63% discount?

    • Not sure where you get this price from. Here in the US, the monthly cost for PIA is $6.95, which becomes $83.4 per year. For two years it would then be $166.80.

      $166 – 63% discount = $59.95. The price is right.

      • Barney Spazmo

        Haha yeah but what idiot buys a VPN subscription for one month? PIA has always had discounts for 3, 6 and 12 months. This guy Jeff probably getting his prices from actually being a PIA customer.

        Now cards on the table, any article pointing out that pia is a sweet deal as it’s been for as long as I remember is still good and the more the merrier but this is most definitely not a 63% discount unless you are using the rug pricing model.

  • ZMan82

    How can I use this for an existing subscription? Mine expires at the end of April.