Ahead of the upcoming April 21 Galaxy S8 launch in the United States, Canada and Europe, Samsung has already covered Times Square with advertising for its new flagship phones. Today, the South Korean conglomerate published a pair of official Galaxy S8 television commercials on its YouTube channel.

Titled “The New Normal” and “Breaking Out”, the videos showcase the key features of the handsets, like their curved AMOLED screen, branded as Infinity Display, and a stunning industrial design with a nearly full-screen face and no chin at the bottom.

Breaking Out

The first ad is all about Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display.

“We know that when you dare to defy barriers you set yourself free,” writes the firm. “And when you set yourself free, well, you can achieve greatness. So we’ve set you free from the confinements of a regular phone, so you can live an unconfined life.”

The New Normal

The other video showcases the various features of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ beyond Infinity Display and design that the South Korean company thinks will eventually become the new normal, like iris scanning, Samsung Pay, virtual reality with the Gear VR headset, to name just a few.

“There’s a whole new generation out there who will never know that certain barriers ever existed,” reads the video’s description. “Through the eyes of this new generation, we explore how Samsung’s innovations have changed what was once considered to be impossible… to normal.”

Taking over Times Square

And for the sake of completeness, here’s how Samsung has illuminated New York City’s Times Square with immersive displays that are reflective of the visual experiences Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display provides.

It must have cost a fortune! As we inch closer to the April 21 launch of the new flagships, it’s fairly safe to assume that the company will amp up its advertising.

Beyond Galaxy S8

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Aside from the new Galaxies, Samsung also announced other new products and several accessories, including a docking station that turns your Galaxy into a desktop-like Android computer, a 4K-enabled Gear 360 camera and a Clear View standing cover

Source: Samsung Mobile on YouTube

  • Rowan09

    One of the most annoying things with the S7 Edge was accidentally touching the screen and this one is even worst. I’ll see when it comes in stores to play with it.

    • ravinigga

      I like the s7 edge more really no bezels on the sides this one I can clearly see it

    • mickey

      The s8 edges are supposed to be less curved than the previous edge series. Less accidental touches according to some early hands on.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t see how that’s possible with more screen and less usable area, but I’ll see when it comes out.

      • mickey

        From videos it looks like the curve is more subtle than on the edge series. Probably some improvement but not immune like a phone with larger bezels.

    • It’s already out in Best Buy, go play with it. I tested this problem because everyone keeps talking about it and you definitely can’t touch the edge of the screen holding the phone

      • Rowan09

        If you owned a S7 Edge you would understand, especially when I’m watching Kodi. It’s very annoying by accidentally pressing the screen when watching something. It’s a legitimate complaint and now the phone is all screen, so I can see the same thing happening.

      • I’m not saying it’s not a legitimate claim, I’ve heard many people say it; plus this will be my first edge display phone so I don’t know about the S7. When I went to Best Buy I held the S8 like I would any phone and I had no issues with side touches, plus there is a little bezel along the curved edges. Go try it out.

      • Rowan09

        I understand. I’ve watched a review from Unbox Therapy and he said the same thing, that he touches the screen sometimes when he doesn’t want to. I’m not getting the phone anyways since I barely use my S7 Edge, it’s just the 4th phone on my t-mobile deal.

  • Melo

    Simply amazing. Despite being an Apple loyalist, I have no problems admiting that Samsung is offering some impressive stuff

  • Noohar

    “The New Normal” is a great ad. Nicely done Sammy

  • Gethro

    Sammy is winning my heart… your move Apple!

  • diggitydang

    I’ve hated Samsung (the company) for a long time, and for years, their Galaxy S advertising wreaked of iPhone envy, but this round is the first that I’ve loved and respected their marketing, brand and design style, for being original. Not sure I’m going to get this phone, but the presentation (loved the multiple wrapping screens), the ads, and how it relates to the phone is extremely well done.

  • Rave Farid

    Big challenge for Apple, this will push theme to bring more innovation to stay in the competition, i hope so.

  • Gabriel Schwartz

    I do not understand the enthusiasm on curved screen.
    It is useless and the warp is ugly.
    I would like to see a thinner, much thinner edge around the screen like Samsung S8 and LG G6 but please, please leave it flat.

    • Shinonuke

      Try using th S7 with edge. It is annoying as my fingers kept rubbing the side and accidentally activate random functions.

  • FrankJL

    I like Samsung hardware – but! within a week that glorious hardware is going to be a frustrating nightmare after it starts to crawl.

    Every single Samsung phone out the box is excellent – but after a few days – once you start putting your stuff in – it goes to shit.