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This month, Joaquim gives a brief update about the status of various jailbreak utilities including Cydia Extender, SemiRestore, and more. Sebastien talks about his encounter with Saurik last month, and the two discuss a bunch of interesting tweaks recently released.

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Show notes

iOS 9.x Re-restore bug even more powerful than previously thought

Saurik updates Cydia Impactor, releases Cydia Extender

Home Depot 32-bit jailbreak update released

Luca Todesco announces his departure from the jailbreak community

Possible tvOS 10.1.1 jailbreak may be coming after all

SemiRestore-Lite released with support for iOS 10.2

Jailbreak Guide: Can I jailbreak?

This tweak withholds read receipts from your iMessage recipients until you’re ready

This tweak brings a YouTube-inspired volume HUD to your iPhone

Springtomize 4 review: new Profiles feature makes this tweak even more powerful

Get the Hermès and Nike+ watch faces on your Apple Watch with this tweak

Confero 2 is a notification badge manager for your apps

WeatherLock brings the Weather app’s animated backgrounds to your Lock screen

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