Mac mini is an “important” model in Apple’s family of computers and will remain a product in the company’s lineup for the time being, said Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller when BuzzFeed’s reporter John Paczkowski asked him about the state of the most affordable Mac desktop. He did not say, however, when the small computer might receive a hardware refresh.

Apple says that Mac mini is a mix of consumer with some pro use.

According to Schiller:

I’ll say the Mac Mini is an important product in our lineup and we weren’t bringing it up because it’s more of a mix of consumer with some pro use. Mac Mini remains a product in our lineup, but nothing more to say about it today.

Originally released on January 22, 2005, Mac mini was last updated more than two years ago in October 2014 with Intel’s Haswell CPU platform, improved graphics, $100 lower price for the base model and more. Unfortunately, the current Mac minis do not have user upgradable RAM because the memory chips are now soldered to the logic board.

Do you own a Mac mini?

I used a previous-generation model for years, mainly as a home theater device sitting under my telly and running Plex, macOS Server, iTunes and other services. With the advent of the fourth-generation Apple TV, I figured that tvOS and apps like Infuse make for the ultimate home theater solution so I sold my Mac mini.

Source: Daring Fireball

  • Vince Reedy

    Still using an i7 mid 2011 with discrete gpu. Really hoping for a decent upgrade but have given up hope on it honestly. I’ve done all I can do with ssd and maxing out ram. External gpu support would be nice I suppose.

    • Jose Rivera

      I agree. I wish they would’ve done something more with the Mac mini and updated it last year or something at least. It sucks how they haven’t touched it since 2014. Even then they crippled it in 2014…

  • Bacillus

    Outward lie to something they neglected for 3+ years, and don’t have a roadmap for apparently yet.

    • What was the lie? That they are keeping it around because it fills an import spot in their hardware lineup or that they haven’t updated it and don’t have plans to update it immediately?

      Actually the only lie I see here is that they updated it a little less than 2 and a half years ago not “3+ years” as you falsely claimed.

      • Bacillus

        Sorry I work in the IT industry for 25+ years now and I’ve never seen such a bunch of inept, immobile potatoes.
        Is this the Apple board?
        Everything they say is part of this “project cover up plan” made up some days ago only to get rid of all the negativity they called upon themselves.
        They don’t care about the product, customer, brand, platform, but only care about themselves

      • I like how it’s gone from 3+ years of neglect to 4 – 5 years of neglect in the space of a single post 😛 Rather impressive since the last mac mini came out less than 2 and a half years ago.

        But as someone who runs a design business off of a 4 year old MacBook air and a 10 year old iMac (and quite successfully too I might add) I’m looking forward to updating my iMac this year, but I wouldn’t paint the situation as bleakly as you seem to want to do. Apple hardware lasts for years without becoming irrelevant, which is honestly why I spent the extra cash to buy in.

        But in all curiosity, how much does the technology change each year to warrant this kind of animosity when Apple (or any company) doesn’t adopt? It’s not like the Mac mini can house a powerhouse graphics card, and while the Intel processors do increase in specs every year it’s not radical enough to warrant dropping everything and buying a whole new computer to upgrade is it? And if you need cutting edge performance, uh… why did you buy a mac mini? It was never designed to fulfill that roll and I’d question what 25 years of IT earned you if this is the sticking point for you.

        Looking forward to how many years of neglect your count will go up to in your next response 😉

      • Bacillus

        3+ => 4/5 years, your own legacy inventory and MR buyers guide say enough.
        And retrogrades are now “new” so a lot of innovation going on …

  • Greg S

    Thinking of buying one of these, installing a VPN on it, posting it to a relative overseas, and watching Netflix via private VPN.
    Is this workable?

    • ravinigga

      I have one still works as new and I don’t have the fusion drive or ssd.

    • Anonymouse

      I’m sure I read somewhere related to Australian users that netflix were blocking access through a vpn

      • Greg S

        It’s a topic that’s really difficult to find info on.

        I was hoping that only one person using my own private VPN would avoid Netflix mapping the IP.

        I haven’t the money to waste on a Mac Mini if it’ll be blocked.

        The funny thing is I am not interested in extra content not available here. I just want my young kids to watch shows spoken in Dutch so they can remain bilingual- practice my wife’s first language