Going hands-free in the car isn’t just a matter of common sense anymore. In fact, in most places, it’s the law. That’s what makes ExoMount CD Car Mount an important addition to your drive, offering a central, visible location for your phone while keeping your hands where they belong – on the wheel. For a limited time, take 33% off the retail price for a cost of $19.99.

Simple to install (in your unused CD player no less), your ExoMount CD Car Mount offers full 360° rotation flexibility for maximum convenience. Once attached, the ExoMount takes hold of your device with non-slip arms, while powerful suction cups keep it securely in place. To release, a button will loosen its hold. The ExoMount is also washable, has a swivel head, and will work with just about any phone, including the larger latest models.

While we all get creative with our attempts at hands-free placement, storing your smartphone in your car’s cup holder never quite seems right. And why install a phone mount on your dashboard or use up a charging port when you can make use of your dormant CD player? Give your phone a secure holder and free up your hands on the road with ExoMount, now only $19.99.

  • BooBee

    iOttie makes these and throws them on sale very often. I just got one for $12 about 3 weeks ago.

  • igobythisname

    I’ve bought many of these and gifted them as well! The viewing angle isn’t great and too much movement causes them to become loose, but they can be adjusted and tightened. Overall, it’s much better than and I prefer them over vent mounts/magnetic mounts! I would not pay more than $12 for these though.

  • Eddie Jhay

    Too bulky, I had one before…

  • smtp25

    Got mine from aliexpress for $3.. Works well, doesn’t flop at all and doesnt need that tightening knob. Viewing angle is awesome too.. Full swivel

  • Siri Tim Cook Holness

    But no new car has a CD player bc they’re obsolete