Not long ago, we’ve chatted all things song recognition through Siri, Apple’s increasingly potent virtual assistant on iOS and Mac. Today, on the heels of that, we are looking at the source of Siri’s acquired musical skills, Shazam, and bringing you another tip to eliminate friction between song identification on Shazam and listening to said track any time in the future on Apple Music.

Imagine yourself summoning Shazam a few times on your car ride home, then slumping onto your couch after arrival and immediately having all identified songs at the ready, waiting to be consumed inside Apple Music. Like that example case? If that’s a tacit yes, be sure to check out the walkthrough below, because you’re only one switch away from automatically embedding your shazamed tracks into your Apple Music Library.

How to have Shazamed songs appear in your Apple Music Library

Here’s the deal: provided your Apple Music subscription is alive and well (and so is Shazam), you really won’t have to go out of your way to make this neat adjustment happen. If you require help with Apple Music or Shazam in the first aace, drop by here for everything on Apple Music or here for Shazam-related articles. Alternatively, drop a message in the comments box for further support.

Given both apps are working A-OK, follow these simple steps to activate the playlist ‘My Shazam Tracks’ in your Apple Music Library.

1) Launch the Shazam application. Go to the My Shazam tab, and hit the gear icon. Finally, tap on Connect to Apple Music and select OK when asked for confirmation.

2) Pop open Settings on your device’s Home screen. Scroll down to the last column in Settings. This one contains all third-party apps downloaded to your device in alphabetical order. Skip to ’S’, locate Shazam and tap on it.

3) Activate the toggle that reads Media & Apple Music if it’s not enabled yet.

As far as instructions go, this is essentially all it took! Told you it was a breeze.

To make sure we’re not accused of doing things by halves though, let’s have a quick peek at what this means for your Apple Music service, shall we?

Starting now, whenever you fire up Shazam (be that on your iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch) to make it listen to a tune, the identified song is going to be automatically added to an Apple Music playlist called My Shazam Tracks.

The beauty of this playlist is that while it is going to show up at the very top of your Recently Added collection, it is only tentatively added to your actual Music Library, as you will still have to hit the ”+” button to include a song for good. In other words, any shazamed record will be stored in this particular Apple Music playlist as a bookmark, and you can ultimately add it to your service if and when you really take a fancy to it.

By way of example, this is me asking Shazam to name a Kid Cudi song.

After successful recognition, I’m all done. Apple Music is going to automatically incorporate the Shazam match and display it inside the My Shazam Tracks playlist (along with all the other ones previously recognized).

And that makes it a wrap! As compared with the other Siri hint we shared with you recently, the obvious advantage of Shazam and Apple Music working hand in hand is the instantaneous inclusion to your Apple Music app, which in my view is a pretty sweet deal.

So why not give it a go for yourself? And don’t forget to tell us what you think of it in the comments!

  • Phenom

    When I go to settings, Shazam, I only get 3 options but not media library. (I’m an Apple Music subscriber). What can I do?

    • Update your phone.

      • Phenom

        I’m on 10.3.
        No option in Shazam :(, I’m only able to connect to Spotify. It used to be there in previous Shazam versions

      • Steffen Reich

        did you try logging out of your Shazam profile for a while, then dialing back in? In fact I for one don’t even have a Shazam account and I have the Apple Music option displayed regardless. Perhaps logging out alone is going to shake it up?

    • B Man

      Im actually in the same boat. I have updated my iPhone 7 Plus to the latest iOS release, which was a few days ago. Any other ideas?

      • I just had to go into the Shazam app and disconnect Apple Music and then reconnect it. Option showed up after that.

    • B Man

      Figured it out. Go to you Shazam app, under the settings, you will need to select “Connect to Apple Music”, once you hit the connect button, it will ask you if you want to allow the connection to be made; one you allow it, it should be connect and if you go to Settings, the option should appear in your in the Settings app section under Shazam.

  • Guys. These instructions were written a couple days ago. It seems iOS 10.3 changed a few things. The Shazam update on March 27 possibly changed a thing or two as well.

    This said, the gist of it is still the same. I updated the post with up-to-date screenshots. Have a look at it now and give it a try if it didn’t work for you the first time.

  • Marlon Ebanks

    Lol doesn’t work on Android Shazam but I have Apple music on my Android 🙁

  • Ben

    There needs to be an easy way to download all your Apple Music for offline use with a single step. Anybody knows of the simplest step now? I know there is something about a genius playlist. But I don’t like that.

  • Agneev

    iCloud Music Library needs to be enabled for this to work!