Stream Saver is a new feature from AT&T that allows users to save cellular data by automatically streaming higher definition videos at a standard definition (480p). This feature has now officially been rolled out to all AT&T customers that are on a voice + data plan.

While Stream Saver can be a great feature if you’re on a limited data plan, it can also be overkill if you have a large data cap, or even an unlimited one. If you fall under that category and want to keep enjoying videos you stream in their full resolution, it may not be a bad idea to disable Stream Saver which has been turned on by default for all eligible AT&T customers.

How to turn off AT&T Stream Saver

1) Login to your AT&T wireless account. You should be taken to your wireless account overview. If not, make sure you click on the myAT&T tab in the header.

2) Your plan(s) and line(s) should be right there on the screen. Click on the Manage Stream Saver link, right below the View all usage button.

3) Toggle off the Stream Saver button for each appropriate line, and click Save.

4) Wait five minutes, and reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

While Stream Saver is a feature offered with good intentions, it may not make sense to you to try to save on data. If that’s the case, disabling the feature will make sure you can keep streaming videos over cellular in the best possible resolution.

If you’re an AT&T customer, please let us know whether or not you will keep Stream Saver enabled.


  • Jack Wong

    I have a question, which video streaming website would go under this Steam Saver?

    • smtp25

      I don’t think pornhub will be on the list 😉

      • Jack Wong

        lol then this has no purpose lol

      • igobythisname

        hahaha!!! where is the suggestion box then!?

  • Blip dude

    It works with Netflix, Hulu, and official YouTube app. But I don’t use the official YouTube app so I still get 720p video if I select that option. Honestly, I was already watching videos in 360p and 480p on my phone, but this will force Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll to stream in 480p as well and not based on how strong my connection is.

  • triggerhappypunk

    What a bunch of BS! AT&T should NOT be changing my quality of service (whether it’s lesser or greater quality) without my consent.

    Thanks for sharing this information, I just went in and turned off Stream Saver on all 5 iPhone lines under my account.

  • websyndicate

    I have always had unlimited data from at&t and I decided to leave the stream saver on to see if I would notice and I didnt notice at all until this post. Some people might need it but stuff still looks great for me so I’m not too concerned.

  • igobythisname

    I noticed that once AT&T implemented this feature, the data usage on my family plan increased, not decreased! For many years I’ve never gotten those annoying alerts about data usage, now I get them almost every month, and last month I even went over and had to pay the add’l $15 for 1GB! I’ve been feeling like AT&T is lying about my usage, this makes me very upset!