Apple might have killed MagSafe, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely over for magnetically attached power connectors. Quite the contrary! Armor-X came up with their own spin on MagSafe and introduced magnetic charging cables.

Pick up your own Armor-X Magnetic Charging Cable at 50% off the retail price, for $19.99.

These long-lasting cords make charging a breeze, with an attractive silver nylon cord and a choice between Lightning (not MFi-certified) or microUSB adapter clips to charge any device you need. Simply plug in the tiny Lightning or microUSB adapter in your device, and then magnetically attach it to the cable.

The benefits here are pretty obvious: you can easily start charging your device without having to fiddle with the connector as it magnetically connects. The magnetic adapter also helps prevent broken phone catastrophe by giving way if you accidentally trip over the charging cable or catch it on another object.

With maximum protection and versatility, these cables were built to withstand the rigors of an active life, while delivering the juice you need to keep your devices powered up.

Grab your own Armor-X cable for just $19.99 for a limited time.

NOTE: The Lightning cable variant is not MFi-certified. 

  • Agneev

    NOTE: The Lightning cable variant is not MFi-certified.

    This should be in the body of the article!

    • It is. Paragraph 3.

      • Agneev

        Sorry, my bad!

  • 19,99$ half of the retail price and not mfi-certified… haha, joke time.

  • Greensprout

    These are terrible, I’ve bought one (not the same brand) and they stick out too much and the magnet unclips far too often. Don’t waste your money.

  • Joey

    Such cables cost half the price on AliExpress. You’re welcome.

  • Vince Reedy

    No MFi no thank you. Can’t believe anyone would recommend

  • MMA Rules

    No MFI

  • igobythisname

    i’m not an electrical engineer, but my experience with plug-in/rechargeable devices has led me to believe that charging ports left connected without being fed a charge may easily or quickly and unnecessarily drain the battery versus if the charging port was free, clear, and unplugged. although I fancy the idea of having a magsafe like charging port on my iPhone, I’m not moved to leave something plugged in all day in my device’s charging port without a charge being delivered.