Contradicting a recent report, Japanese outlet Nikkei Asian Review wrote Wednesday that Apple’s rumored 5.8-inch iPhone will have a display based on active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) technology that’s slightly curved on the sides, but not as curved as Samsung’s Galaxy series.

A source familiar with the handset’s design said the curve of the iPhone 8 screen will be “gentler” than the screen curvature of Samsung’s Edge handsets because of the challenges of making curved glass covers to match screens.

The sleek AMOLED display will be supplied by Samsung Display and is said to offer clearer pictures and allow a viewable area of about 5.2 inches, with the previously rumored function area with tappable shortcuts positioned at the bottom where the Home button and the Touch ID sensor are located on current iPhones.

China’s Biel Crystal and Lens Technology will supply the glass backs for 2017 iPhones.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted iPhone 8 would adopt an all-glass design to support wireless charging. Together with key iPhone assembler Foxconn, Biel Crystal and Lens Technology will also provide the front glass covers.

Here are other advantages of OLED and AMOLED screens over LCD ones:

  • Higher resolution
  • Lower power consumption
  • Sharper images
  • Thinner and lighter display assembly
  • Better color accuracy
  • Better visibility under direct sunlight
  • Deeper blacks
  • Better color saturation
  • Better viewing angles
  • Higher peak brightness

The report argues that because AMOLED screens have been adopted by most Android smartphones Apple may be unable to offer any game-changing functions with iPhone 8’s curved screens.

“Some reports suggest in recent days that Apple will only give the premium handset a flat display, but the source said that would not be using OLED optimally,” reads the report. For what it’s worth, Nikkei’s source stated that iPhone 8’s design has not been finalized and could still change.

iPhone 8 may not release in September alongside the iterative LCD-based iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus updates due to manufacturing issues related to mass production of the handset’s enhanced 3D Touch module.

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Last week, IHS Markit analyst Wayne Lam and Display expert Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate predicted that iPhone 8 might end up using a flat rather than curved screen, using the existing 2.5D glass design much like the iPhone 6/6s/7 series.

According to Soneira, flat AMOLED screens based on a glass substrate “cost considerably less” and are available in “much higher production volumes” than curved screens based on flexible plastic substrates.

iPhone 8 + iOS 11 Dark Mode mockup by Vianney le Masne.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Next report will be “iphone 8 not gonna be curvy, just straight up fat”.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    Who cares

  • n0ahcruz3

    Honestly all i care about right now about the next iPhone is the Camera, much better hardware dual lenses and refinement for the portrait. I love taking pictures using the 7+

  • Rowan09

    No interest in a curved screen like the Edge. In regards to two things in the article not really true about the advantages of OLED and Amoled over LCD: better color accuracy, better visibility under sunlight and high peak brightness is not true. LCD give better color accuracy and higher peak brightness.

    • GUY

      True , what makes amoled screens stand up is the color saturation and deep blacks

      • Rowan09


    • ravinigga

      Well LG have much better oled than Samsung like realistic colors not blue glowing thing over the screen.

  • B.A.M.F.

    soooooo why would apple just skip the 7s??!! I keep seeing all these iphone 8 this and iphone 8 that….. WHY WOULD APPLE SKIP THE 7s?!

    • Rowan09

      They are suppose to release 3 phones. 7s/7s+/8

  • I hope this will never happen! These curved screens are awful…

  • pnh

    I like my iPhones like I like my women- curvy never flat.

    • Omar D. Plumey


  • ravinigga

    Curved or not curved, its sexy asf but now on galaxy not functional