iPhone 8 could enable augmented reality features via a next-generation FaceTime camera outfitted with a bespoke PrimeSense chip for depth sensing, 3D scanning, advanced facial recognition and more.

The upcoming Apple flagship may also introduce enhanced Siri capabilities that may or may not benefit from built-in augmented reality support.

Designer Gábor Balogh has created some gorgeous mockups imagining an augmented reality Siri on an edge-to-edge iPhone.

The idea for the concept was born after Balogh studied recent Apple acquisitions concerning face and emotion recognition, connecting the real world with digital content, plus big data and machine learning.

“Any of them separately would create a better iOS, but what if they were merged into one big something? Let say, into Siri?,” he pondered. “If the rumors are true, more powerful hardware is on the way which supports augmented reality smoothly in 4K resolution. Do you get the idea?”

iPhone 8 is thought to introduce a function area that would occupy the space currently reserved for the bottom chin where the Home button and the Touch ID sensor are currently found. As a next-generation Home button and a redesigned fingerprint sensor are expected to be embedded directly into iPhone 8’s display, the phone’s bottom chin could be ditched altogether to make way for the aforesaid function area.

Balogh doesn’t think the function area should adopt Touch Bar-like functionality. That’s why he’s betting on a persistent button in the function area that would act as a shortcut to an enhanced Siri feature with augmented reality support.

He explained:

The real world is not hidden by the device anymore. If raised, the environment is visible in the background of the home screen in a semi-transparent way, indicating that you can unveil it by pressing the digital Home button. Same way as now, but Siri would be present in augmented reality.

That would make sense were it not for the rumor-mill, which predicted that the Cupertino firm would build augmented reality technology into the stock Camera and Maps apps.

Regardless, Siri would see the world around you through iPhone’s lenses, recognize objects, know where you are, what your activity is and what you probably need in any given moment. The icons next to a Siri button in the function area at the bottom represent Siri-suggested widgets relevant to a given situation.

You’d ask a question such as “What’s that tower?” and get a handy Maps card. Keep on with the conversation and ask a follow-up question like “Guide me there” and Siri brings up an augmented reality directions feature. “It is a lot easier to follow the directions and the digital path if it is projected on the environment,” he writes.

Another cool capability he’s envisioned would let Siri tap into not just your own Health data but use the power of iCloud to understand health stats of your loved ones, too. In that case, you could ask Siri something along the lines of “How is Sandra?”

And just like that, up pops Sandra’s health card with stats like heart rates and other data. “Obviously, sharing those data is synced among iCloud Family, so those who have older iPhones could also enjoy this experience,” he said.

Needless to say, we’re very excited about iPhone 8’s augmented reality features.

iPhone 7, at left, and Balogh’s iPhone 8 concept, at right.

Its edge-to-edge screen, based on the superior active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) technology, should be great for iOS 11’s presumed Dark Mode, with a function area at the bottom potentially replacing Home/Touch ID button and containing shortcuts to common features that could change from one app to another.

Do you like Balogh’s ideas for the next iPhone with an augmented reality Siri?

Source: Gábor Balogh

  • Jerry

    Wow I really hope is somewhat like this

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    Lol we’re not there yet.

  • stewart solomons

    I just rang the phone number that’s shown in the video, and it’s real.

  • David Pomerleau

    No. Just no. This is ridiculous. The phone will not look anything like this. The function area will not be anything like this and Siri will not be anything like this, at least not this year. “Sandra seems fine” is creepy and stupid.

  • John

    If someone ever points their iPhone at me and asks Siri about my emotions, I will murder them

    • Michael Sweeney

      Then you can ask Siri how that kurdered person is doing afterwards.

      • Reilitas

        Dammit lol

  • Jay Dee

    While it looks cool in the demo, in reality most of the time the phone is pointed at the ground and makes for a lame background.

  • Jay

    I can’t wait to see the real thing or at least some parts..

  • Michael Sweeney

    Privacy is a thing, or rather an outdated word.

  • GUY

    You guys are really baking a disappointment , this is purely fantasy, if you want to like the next iPhone then have realistic expectations.