Do I have any HomeKit accessories in my home? No, not yet, but that’s because I currently live in a rented apartment. I’ll be getting smart home gadgets when I buy my own house, that’s for sure. Until that day arrives, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for prices of HomeKit products to continue dropping.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of how HomeKit brings these appliances together in the Home app with support for scenes, Siri voice control, remote management via Apple TV and other perks. I also like it a lot how HomeKit products are required to use hardware encryption for security purposes. It’s just that outfitting my home with these smart gadgets would represent too sizable an investment for my budget, that’s all.

So, what about you? Do you own any HomeKit-certified accessories? Cast your vote and meet us in comments if you’d like to share your thoughts about the HomeKit platform or any HomeKit devices you already own, or may be planning on buying.

With HomeKit, you set up your iPhone to configure, communicate with and control compatible smart home appliances. Using iOS 10’s Home app, you can group devices and enable automatic actions through Siri.

As always, Apple is committed to enhancing and protecting your privacy so HomeKit vendors are required to purchase a license and use a special encryption co-processor in their products to prevent sensitive data about users and their homes from being compromised and hijacked wirelessly.

So, do you have any HomeKit smart applicants in your home?

Please vote now.

If you happen to own Apple’s latest fourth-generation Apple TV, you don’t even need to purchase a dedicated HomeKit hub—that’s because the set-top box already doubles as a HomeKit hub for remote control of your smart home appliances.

Have you taken a closer look at some of the 100+ HomeKit-compliant devices that have launched since Apple debuted the HomeKit platform more than two years ago?

If so, which ones do you like the most, and why?

  • malhal

    Thinking of getting some Sonoff hardware and trying to get the ESP8266-HomeKit firmware to work on them. Biggest problem for me is how to make it work along-side existing light switches, there is no good solution but are some creative work-arounds.

  • Jamie Petro

    I have 3 iHome smart plugs, iHome 5 in 1 monitor, Elgato Eve Door/ Window sensor (going to get 1 more soon) I also have 4 LifX bulbs that are suppose to be getting firmware updates to use with HomeKit soon. I also have the ATV 4 for my hub. I currently live in an apartment and will keep getting and trying devices until I get a house where then I will be adding all other things like thermostats, Smoke alarms, and ceiling fans!

  • ravinigga

    For now philips hue. The cameras things is idk what to do with those things

  • ..still waiting for Lifx to update … But then, I guess/or understand it will only work with the latest model.. so no..

  • Simon Moorhouse

    Hue lights in a few rooms – will be all rooms eventually but really expensive!
    Netamo thermostat…

  • Wood1030

    I’m not sure of the complete catagory of HomeKit devices but I do own Lutron Caseta lighting/dimmer switches , a couple of ATV4’s, 2 Echo Dots, Harmony Elite remotes and probably more smart home devices to come. I do love being able to remotely (or voice command) control lighting and TV and look forward to adding additional devices as they develop. Whether HomeKit plays a role in that or not is not so important to me right now because it seems having an Amazon Alexa Dot is a little ahead in this field as of now and is less expensive than HomeKit.

  • chjode

    I have an Alexa Dot and some Wemo outlet switches. I’d love to integrate that with Siri, but Belkin says they’re not going to do that.

  • John

    We’ve got an August lock, several Hue lights, a Nest thermostat (through Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi) and a semi-smart outlet made HomeKit compatible with Homebridge.

    • JRDN

      What do you do to control all of these? I assume a different app for each one?

      • eigenlaut

        that is the beauty of homekit – you can use the “Home” app to control all of the homekit supported devices, create custom scenes with a mixture of devices for example

  • Ryan Ot

    Alexa all day

  • Chris Ryan

    Can atv4 be used instead of a brand specific hub? For example could I use Philips hue bulbs without the Philips hub?

    • DTB Fashion EU

      Nope sadly not 🙁 I have all three and tried explanation why:
      HomeKit needs a code and the code that Phillips supplies you with is only for the bridge once you set the bridge up and connected it with the bridge, the bridge continues to transmit to HomeKit what devices you have installed and HomeKit lets the bridge (not the lights) know what it wants the bridge to do. Remote controlling also only works very spotty and automation did not work at all for me.

      • Scott

        Do you have a good enough wifi base station as all of my hue lights work great through HomeKit, even automation. I noticed they were not as responsive with older women-fi base station. The newer mesh based ones I hear are the best.

  • Alex Wilson

    I don’t and for a few reasons. My Honeywell T-Stat and app gives me full control so I don’t feel the need to change it. I am not totally convinced that Apple is putting the needed resources into HK to make it a long term winner. I think that the whole niche is still young and over priced. Hopefully things will continue to drop in price and a clear leader in the field will emerge.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    It’s my dream!

    • Pallav Agarwal

      Keep dreaming

  • Scott

    16 Phillips Hue Lights, a Ring Doorbell (freakin’ amazing), Chamberline Garage Door, and 3 HomeKit enabled Power Outlets. Next purchase will be a door lock. Absolutely love them all and so does my family.

  • Mallouk Malek

    Somehow they still sound expensive for me 😀 well at least in my area !

    • Oh yes, they are expensive. $50 for a wall plug is $20-$30 too much if you ask me.

  • Sadly no. I have LIFX bulbs but they are way overdue on HomeKit support.
    And where I live (Australia) I can’t use most HomeKit products as a lot of the popular brands only support USA wall plugs 🙁