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Sharpen and accelerate your productivity with TextExpander, the time-saving tool that uses custom keyboard shortcuts to complete typing tasks fast.

For a limited time, you can find out why CNET gives this utility an “Excellent” rating when you pick up a one-year single user plan for just $19.98.

Efficiency is essential in our high-demand lives and work. TextExpander provides shortcuts for commonly-used text in emails, document files, web searches, and much more, letting you do more with less. With TextExpander’s help, you’ll type abbreviations that quickly expand to whole paragraphs, images, and more with ease.

We’re all faced with the tedium of lengthy forms requiring addresses, email, phone numbers and various other personal info. With TextExpander, you can simply add them to your snippet library, and assign keystroke shortcuts for convenience. Custom expandable abbreviations are available for email signatures, standard greetings, formatted text and more.

With edited snippets ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, you can accurately input personal details in a single stroke, and with the ability to save your snippets to the cloud, you can access them on any device (Windows, macOS, and iOS) for fast, automatic form-filling.

TextExpander offers convenient solutions for the time-consuming entries we face each day. For a limited time, you can take 60% off a one-year single user plan.