HideMeX by CPDigitalDarkroom is an all-inclusive SpringBoard customization jailbreak tweak for iOS 10 that lets you customize a number of things on your iPhone or iPad.

For anyone who’s familiar with Springtomize, this tweak is very similar in a myriad of ways, however as we continue to wait for the release of Springtomize for iOS 10, HideMeX offers a viable alternative with a lot of similar configuration options.

The HideMe jailbreak tweak series isn’t particularly new, but it has been re-released with support for iOS 10 devices, which is a pretty big deal considering it’s a feature-heavy tweak and is sure to be popular among jailbreakers because of the one-stop-shop aspect that it gives off.

There are far too many settings for me to list one by one in this post, but I’ll do my best to give a well-rounded overview below, so please bear with me…

You can tell right off the bat from the HideMeX preferences pane (shown below) that there are a ton of options to configure for nearly every customizable part of iOS:

Among the various things HideMeX allows you to customize are:

  • The many different alerts you receive on your device (Low Power Mode, No SIM, Unreliable Accessory, etc…)

  • The animations that take place as you use your device (Springy or Fast)
  • Application hiding for apps that can’t already be “uninstalled” post-iOS 10
  • App Switcher customization settings (customizing the appearance, hiding elements of the interface, etc…)
  • Control Center customization settings (configure custom toggle colors, customize blur effects, configure grabber, etc…)
  • Dock customization settings (configure blur effects, custom number of icons, etc…)
  • Folder customization settings (configure icon blur and shape settings, choose folder close behavior, etc…)

  • 3D Touch customization settings (configure background blur, change/hide items from Home screen menu, customize menu appearance, etc…)
  • Home screen customization settings (configure custom app layout, change your wallpaper effects, etc…)
  • Home screen Icons customization (configure icon appearance, look of badges, app icon behavior, label visibility, etc…)
  • Lock screen customization settings (configure Lock screen text, change behavior, change passcode UI, hide date/time, etc…)
  • Notification Center customization settings (customize appearance, choose where it can be used, change text, customize clear button behavior, etc…)

  • Restrictions settings (limit access to various parts of iOS)
  • Status Bar customization settings (disable some icons from appearing, disable breadcrumbs links, choose time format, change appearance, etc…)
  • System-wide configuration settings (configure keyboard behavior, change screenshot flash color, etc…)
  • And much more…

It goes without saying that the features HideMeX brings to the table span across just about every feature that can be accessed in iOS. The level of customization that can be achieved with this all-in-one tweak is nothing less than impressive on the developer’s part, and having these kinds of options at your fingertips is part of what makes it worth having a jailbreak in the first place.

Please keep in mind that HideMeX isn’t really a Springtomize replacement, as each jailbreak tweak tends to have its own niche features that are unique from one to the other. That said, you’ll have to choose which one you want more based on the features that they have available, as they’re unlikely to play nicely together given that they modify a number of similar things.

If you’re interested in downloading HideMeX to trick out every corner of your device, you can download it for $2.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository today. The tweak is fully compatible with all jailbroken iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads running iOS 10.

Note: If you have iOS 8, you will need to install HideMe8 instead of HideMeX. Likewise, if you have iOS 7, you will need to install HideMe7 instead of HideMeX.

Will you be downloading HideMeX to customize your iOS 10 device? Share in the comments below!

  • DD™

    HideMeX is an awesome tweak that works really well. Thank you for the review. It should be noted that the cost of this tweak is $2.99 and not $3.99 as stated. 🙂

    • Thank you, post updated!

    • Waldemar Sinicki

      May I hide certain elements of the ControlCenter?

      • DD™

        No hiding of certain elements. Changes to toggle colors, opacity, custom background, disabling completely on LS, and a few other tweaks.

  • Diego Milano

    Does anyone know when is Springtomize for iOS 10 going to be released?

    • Soon!

      • Diego Milano

        How soon? ;P Hahaha. 1 week, 2 week, 3 weeks? xD JK.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        as soon as 2 light years!

      • Diego Milano

        That’s more like SON then. 😛

  • this mean that is the same as springtomize but with another name or kinda the same ?=

    • This is not a Springtomize replacement. It’s a competitor. And IIRC, Springtomize does more.

  • Richtwo Naistwo

    It doesn’t work well. Had to remove it. Hiding apps requires a respring and reboot out of safe mode every time and I have 200+ apps !


    YES it’s a great!
    HOWEVER I HAD to remove it!
    It’s has too many bugs.
    It’s functions all worked FINE,but I couldn’t press any app and open them,I kept having to use Siri,or swipe right to bring up my favourites menu.
    Even after I turned the tweak off,i still couldn’t use my phone as normal!

    • Timothy

      I JUST WONDER why you are typing like this,do you have a BROKEN keyboard that turns on caps lock randomly and removes spaces after your punctuation marks!

      • Hokese Oner

        Just SO it pisses GRONKS like U off

      • Timothy

        I’m just saying that typing like that makes it harder to read, and people are far less likely to take you seriously. I’m not trying to correct you; just letting you know that it looks really bad — just as a quick analogy, if you released an app entirely in Comic Sans, that’s entirely within your right to do, as it’s your app. But don’t expect anyone to think it’s worth downloading

  • This just doesn’t work well at all. For instance, when you choose “Remove carrier text” in the status bar it doesn’t do it even with a respring. It does remove the alarm icon, but every time you residing you have to go back to the settings to reenable it.