The release of iOS 10 was a game changer in the mobile app game, offering a world of new possibilities for developers. If you’re interested in becoming a high-level coder, there’s no better entry point than the iOS 10 and Swift 3 Starter Bundle, designed to help you build real, functional apps.

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Master iOS 10 and Swift 3 throughout over 82 hours of training, taking you from development of a range of iOS apps you can release on the App Store, to animation, speech recognition, object-oriented programming and beyond. Soon you’ll be qualified to build your own income developing mobile apps, with the skillset to make an impact in the professional realm.

Here’s an overview of some courses included in this bundle:

  • The Complete iOS 10 Developer course features 205 lectures and almost 40 hours of content on the latest Apple OS update, helping you build cutting-edge iOS apps.
  • iOS 10 Projects: Build Amazing Apps with Apple’s Newest iOS will guide you through the latest APIs in iOS 10. You’ll complete seven hands-on projects, including your own board game featuring an AI-powered opponent.
  • Swift 3 Fundamentals and Essential Training will help you master the latest version of the official Apple coding language through 44 lectures and 5 hours of content. Build a foundation in Swift, and familiarize yourself with Objective-C and the new Swift 3 language.

And with two additional courses in your bundle, you’ll have a complete layout of instruction to round out your training and begin making real-world apps that people love.

Master iOS app building with the iOS 10 and Swift 3 Starter Bundle, now 93% off an original retail price of $654, with an additional 50% off this course when you use the code “LEARN50”. Get it today.