Instagram now lets you share up to ten photos and videos as a single post on the photo-sharing service. These types of posts appear in the Instagram feed with only the first item shown, but can be swiped through carousel-style to reveal additional photos and videos.

This is a great way to post multiple photos and videos from an experience you want to remember. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create multi-item posts on Instagram.

How to post multiple images and photos on Instagram

1) Tap the Plus icon in the middle of the tab bar at the screen bottom, then tap Library.

2) Tap the Select Multiple button in the lower right corner of the image preview so it turns blue, then select up to ten photos and videos to add to your post. If you don’t see the button, you’ll need to wait until Instagram brings this feature to your market.

Tip: To crop an individual item, tap it to move it around and adjust how it fits within the frame (the grid helps you frame the shot perfectly). Keep in mind that carousel-style posts are only shareable as a square, not as a portrait or landscape.

When you’re done, tap Next in the top right.

3) On the next screen, tap a filter at the bottom to apply the effect to every photo and video you’ve selected.

You can also edit am item individually before sharing the whole post, remove items from the post and change the order in which they appear.

  • Edit items individually—Tap a photo or video, then choose a filter to apply to that particular item. Other photos and videos in the post won’t be affected.
  • Reorder items—tap and hold a photo or video, then drag it to another spot.
  • Remove individual items—Tap and hold an item, drag it to Trashcan icon at the top of the screen, then let go of the finger.

When you’re done, tap Next in the top right.

4) Write your caption and select a location. The location and caption are applied to the entire post and can edited after the post is live.

To tag someone, tap Tag People, swipe to a desired photo, then tap Tag.

Now tap a photo, then use the text filed at the top to search for one or more accounts you’d like to tag. Tap Done to finish tagging the photo, then tap outside the image to get back to the sharing screen.

Tip: To disable comments on the post, tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the sharing screen and toggle Turn Off Commenting. You can also adjust this setting after the post has been published via the … menu at the top of the post.

5) Tap Share to publish your multi-item post.

And that’s all there’s to it!

Carousel-style posts are distinguished in the feed from regular ones by blue dots at the bottom, which signifies there’s more to see. Simply swipe the post to see other photos and videos included in it.

On your profile grid, the post’s first photo or video has a little icon distinguishing it from single-item posts, as shown below.  Tap the post and swipe to view the rest of the photos and videos you’ve shared.

You can like and comment on other people’s carousel-style posts. As mentioned before, comments and likes appear on the entire post rather than on its individual items.

And lastly, you cannot change the accounts you’ve tagged in your post after it’s shared, nor can you reorder, edit or delete parts of the posts you’ve shared (don’t worry, you can delete the entire post at any time).

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As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, these types of posts are so cool.

Combining multiple items into one post should be indispensable for sharing a few moments of your best friend’s surprise birthday party or your best vacation photos without having to cherry-pick the single best photo from an event to share.

With these types of posts, I’m able to share multiple photos of an event without oversharing or inundating my friends’ Instagram feed with multiple posts. It’s great that Instagram shows only the best photo form the post in the feed, with the rest included without oversharing.

It’s a great addition to the strong arsenal of Instagram’s mobile photography features.

Are you liking Instagram’s carousel-style posts so far?

  • Norbi Whitney

    I like this new feature, and understand it would be a nightmare to implement different aspect ratios into 1 post, but forcing them to be square is sad.

    • Jason Fenmore

      Somehow i was able to post multiple 8×10 ratio images the first time i tried…now it only lets me do 1×1 ratio. Im wondering if its the images resolution that makes the difference whether or not other ratios are possible

      • Onna

        Jason, did you figure out what makes the 8×10 portrait crop work? I somehow managed to post the multiple potrait photos without Instagram making it a square yesterday, but can’t seem to do it again.

  • Awesome Post, here you share step by step guidance with Snapshot, it’s become easy for the user to follow your steps and in easily post multiple images on Instagram.

  • Fu Tsery

    I have a samsung s7 edge and recently updated the instagram but im not able to see the multiple picture feature. Can anyone shed light on it? Thanks in advance.

    • Ryan Gruntorad

      Have you found a solution to this issue? I’m having the same problem.

  • Carousels can’t be shared on FB and they are square. I just buplished a whole batch of products not knowing this and the items are cropped and they’re not sharing to facebook. Now I have to redo the share on facebook. I think this feature is good but just wasn’t thought thru.

    • rise

      Same problem when sharing through instagram to my FB page. It does work If i share to my personal account.

      • Michael Lowe

        No Ally, I have no answers. I tried deleting and re installing instagram, made sure my phone software was up to date and still nothing.

  • Michael Lowe

    I have two instagram accounts on my iphone. When I access one account I have the option to do multiple images but when I use the other account, the option is not there to select it. The same exact situation exists on my iPad. Any thoughts?

    • Ally

      did you figure this out because i am having the same problem!

      • Michael Lowe

        Had another IG update and all is good now.

      • PoleGirl

        …and….now mine is there! I updated my iOS last night. Maybe that helped.

    • PoleGirl

      Same here. At one point I had their Layout app installed, but I’ve since deleted that, but the Layout button remains. From all I can find on this, IG is just rolling it out to users over time. Maybe by the time we get it, they’ll have some other new option, and we’ll be first in line instead of last. lol

      • Michael Lowe

        I think you may be right. I just had another IG update moments ago and now I have the option for multiple images!! Let’s just hope it stays there.

  • Imnotdeadyet

    I like this feature. To deal with the square issue, (I have to do this regardless of multi or single post as some of my images are naturally very off-square) I pull up the image in InShot (google play). While it allows you to do much more, I use it to quickly fill in the background of a square that includes my image – there are several option for who this is done. As for sharing to Facebook, I’m really hoping that the two apps will figure out how to rectify this.

    • Harvard Student

      that’s genius, just used that. thank you so much