The folks at BundleHunt are back with yet another deal you probably don’t want to miss. This time, you get to choose any 7 apps from a pre-selected assortment of 49 premium, top-rated Mac software and get them for the low price of $19.99. Considering the majority of these apps sell on their own for more than that price, it is indeed a bargain.

Looking for an app to compress files? WinZip should do the trick or if you want to relieve your fingers from typing repetitive phrases over and over that could be easily done by a typing assistant, Typinator can do just that for you, along with plenty more top-notch apps with various other functions.

With 49 apps to choose from, there are just too many to list on here, but Typinator, UBar, Command Tab Plus, and HazeOver are some of my favorites, just to name a few.

Visit BundleHunt now to create your own Mac Bundle and come back here to share what apps you included in your bundle.