Watch Apple’s latest ads promoting Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus

By , Feb 17, 2017

Lately, Apple has been amping up its advertising efforts concerning its flagship dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus model, as part of its broader “Shot in iPhone” campaign. Following its “Creek” and “Soul Mate” ads earlier this month which showcased Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus and prior commercials highlighting the handset’s enhanced low-light photography features, the company yesterday posted two new ads on its YouTube channel, titled “Boyfriend” and “Profile Picture”.

Profile Picture

“When you shoot in Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, it softens the background. That’s the difference between a good picture and your profile picture.”


“When you shoot in Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, your subject stands out from the background. And just like that, your boyfriend becomes your boyfriend.”

Be sure to also check out Apple’s earlier Brazilian Carnaval-themed commercial.

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Source: Apple

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  • diggitydang

    Is it wrong to advertise this as a feature when it’s still in Beta? Or is it out of Beta now? Hmmmm…