Apple shares new ads highlighting Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus

By , Feb 13, 2017

Apple this morning shared a pair of new commercials through its official YouTube channel. Titled “Creek” and “Soul Mate,” the 30-second videos focus on depth of field photography made possible by the dual-lens system on iPhone 7 Plus and the accompanying Portrait shooting mode in the stock Camera application.

Be sure to watch the new ads and tell us how you liked them in comments.

“When you shoot in Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, your subject stands out from the background,” proclaims the voiceover.

“So a photo of your kid in a creek becomes a portrait of youth in nature. Fine? Fine art.”

Here’s that ad.

“When you shoot in Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, your subject stands out from the background,” says another ad. “That’s the difference between a photo of your dog and one of your best friend. Housemate? Soul mate.”

Do you like Apple’s new commercials?

Source: Apple on YouTube

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  • J.J. Hernandez

    Stupid beyond comprehension!!!

  • diggitydang

    This thing is still in beta, no? I bought my 7 plus primarily for this feature but can’t stand that it’s still in beta, and that the photo is so “digital” with all that grain. It’s ok for posting on social media, I guess, but not the DSLR killer by any stretch…

  • Pretty impressed w/ portrait mode on my iP7+. Does a great job on most shots unless the subject is busy or doesn’t have distinct lines to follow.

  • Sohail Wahab

    I don’t like it at all

  • Sohail Wahab

    I hope Apple don’t ruin the regular iPhone 8 with 2 cameras in the back. I wouldn’t buy it if they brought the plus version camera to the regular model

    • Alex

      Why not? You are staring at the front of your phone the majority of the time.

  • Alex

    I think it’s cool. I don’t see why there’s all this hate for this. I welcome it if they put it on the smaller model. It may not be DSLR, but it’s better than nothing.