Apple on Saturday released a new fitness-focused advertisement for Apple Watch Series 2 through its official YouTube channel. Titled “Catch, Swim, Play”, the commercial invites viewers to be more active and close their Activity rings. The latest 15-second video is a continuation of the previous mini-ad which also challenged viewers to close their Activity rings by moving more, having some exercise and standing up every 50 minutes for a bit.

Here it is.

Do you like Apple’s new ad?

  • nova12

    I like the rings — they’re a good motivator. I’ve closed all three rings every day of 2017 (sort of one of my resolutions).

    I do think it’s weird that the red “move” target is adjustable, but the green exercise ring is locked at 30 minutes.

    • :D

      I think it’s because the red ring is the number of calories your supposed to burn and that varies a lot between people. The green ring is just the standard 30 mins of exercise per day that people are encouraged to do. Would be nice to be able to change both, though.

      • nova12

        Yeah I see what you’re saying, but my red ring adjusts upwards every week based on how much I burned the prior week. No so much because of what I need to burn, but to push me further, I think.

        So if I’m routinely hitting 100min on the green ring every week, I’d think that should adjust up too.

        I’m not super bothered by it, it just seems odd.

  • It encourages me to keep moving and rise my activity goal every week, that’s a really good feature Apple, it should have a ballet specific activity tracker 🙂

  • Metis

    Yes, I like it. My children just gave me an Apple Watch for Mother’s Day. This is really quite motivating!