Lots of jailbroken iPhone owners will tell you that it’s never a bad idea to have more gestures. After all, that’s the whole basis behind the popular Activator extension, which gives you more ways to interact with your device to perform actions.

A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed FingerTouch by Michele Primavera, on the other hand, makes use of the same Touch ID sensor that you use every single day to unlock your device and make App Store purchases to create even more gestures.

I have to say that I have a lot of respect for the Touch ID sensor, mostly because in addition to a fingerprint scanner and a button (on some iPhones), it’s also a tiny, round touch-sensitive surface. This means it’s smart enough to know when you’re tapping on it, which is particularly how you open the Reachability interface in the first place.

FingerTouch takes advantage of this by letting you assign different Touch ID button-based tap gestures to different actions. Out of the box, the tweak lets you use the following gestures:

  • Single tap
  • Double tap
  • Triple tap
  • Tap and hold
  • Hold

You can then assign any of these gestures to any of the following actions:

  • Do nothing
  • Lock the device
  • Go to the Home screen
  • Open the App Switcher
  • Toggle the LED flashlight
  • Take a screenshot
  • Launch the Reachability interface
  • Move to the last app you were in
  • Open Siri
  • Toggle rotation lock
  • Launch Control Center
  • Launch Notification Center
  • Close the app you’re in
  • Put the device to sleep without locking it

All of these options can be configured from the tweak’s preferences pane, which gets added to the Settings app after you install the tweak:

In addition to setting up your gestures, there are also some other options that you can play around with, such as:

  • Toggling the tweak on or off
  • Toggling vibration feedback for when the sensor detects your finger
  • Choosing an intensity for the vibration
  • Choosing a wait time for the gesture to register your input

There’s no need to respring your device after you make changes to any of these settings, which is convenient, and peronally, I think the developer is on to something useful here.

I find that keeping the “Touch” and “Hold” options set to “None” is a good idea because the Touch ID sensor was detecting too many false positives when I was simply trying to close an app or unlock my device, but the other three gestures seem to work really well.

I’m already a fan of triple-tapping on the Touch ID sensor to toggle on the flashlight, and in the right hands, some of you will probably be able to make good use of the tweak too, depending on how you use your device.

Since the tweak requires a Touch ID sensor, it won’t work with devices older than the iPhone 5s, so this is something to keep in mind. Nevertheless, if you want to give it a try on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can download it for free today from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Do you like the idea of using your Touch ID button as a gesture input device? Share in the comments below!

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    Very similar to VirtualHome. I hope there is a JB for iPhone 7 10.2 in the near future to install one of them!

    • RK

      Very close to VirtualHome. Except the tap to unlock while the phone is locked and in sleep mode. That feature is rendered unnecessary given the raise to wake feature work natively now. Also it is a free tweak and works on iOS 10 right out of the box. I guess virtualhome might not get updated .. haven’t checked if it’s already updated.

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        Great to hear that is is free and ready to iOS 10! I doubt VirtualHome will be updated to this version of iOS. I bought it, updated my 6S to 10.2 and asked the developers whether they are going to update or not. No response 🙁

      • RK

        I own it too. Very nice tweak it was.

  • Ian Ellis

    Loving this tweak. Better than virtualhome for sure!

  • Wicrowe

    I recently purchased Touchr which I used to replace VirtualHome. Looks like this has most of that functionality for free.

    • RK


    • felixtaf

      This has no touch to wake as in touchr. Anyway its free. So cant complain.

  • Adrian Soerjana

    Loving it so much! This is the tweak I have been craving for so long, because I really want to stop using the Assistive Touch but couldn’t find a better replacement tweak (which make use of the Touch ID sensor), until this tweak came. Thanks Michele 🙂

  • Anonymouse

    I’m in the same boat, however I downloaded this and only selected triple touch for flashlight in preferences and disabled the rest. It works flawlessly with touchr unlocking phone whilst locked. Best of both worlds on my iphone 6s plus on 10.2. Hope this info helps.
    Yes Anthony flashlight setting is a godsend in light of (pardon pun) activating flashlight using mute switch.

  • Voight

    Why not triple touch for the camera?

  • igobythisname

    Thanks for the article! I’m using Touchr.

  • MMA Rules

    Anthony you should make videos unless you are doing those for the YouTube channel

    • Andrew O’Hara makes videos for the iDB YouTube channel. He’s currently out of town and will be returning soon.

  • loorey

    It doesn’t work on my phone. Read somewhere, it conflicts with Bioprotect. 🙁

    • Tek Witness

      same here, even touchr didn’t work after installing Bioprotect 🙁

  • Firedomain

    My only complaint is the vibrations happen so fast that on my 5s they are unnoticeable. even on max intensity. Just doesn’t have long enough to get that motor spinning.

  • felixtaf

    My phone wont vibrate even with vibration on in tweak and system settings. Any ideas?