The Yalu jailbreak, just like the Pangu jailbreak before it, relies on certificates that have expiration dates. You have to re-sign the jailbreak with Cydia Impactor past the expiration date to keep your jailbroken state.

No matter what kind of certificate you have, whether it’s a regular 7-day certificate or a 1-year developer certificate, it won’t last forever, and a new jailbreak app called CertRemainTime by lululombard can help you keep track of it.

CertRemainTime is a simple app that gets added to your Home screen that’s always consciously aware of how long your Yalu jailbreak has before it needs to be re-signed.

It’s a dead-simple app and there’s not much to it, as you’re about to see:

It simply shows you when your certificate is set to expire, and as you can see, because I just re-signed my jailbreak on Tuesday, February 7th it will last until the very next Tuesday, February 14th.

The app detects your jailbreak certificate information automatically and reports the date and time that it’s set to expire in the app, without any configuration at all.

It’s a great companion app for the forgetful, and moreover, it’s always good to have a utility that helps to keep you mentally conscious of when it’s time to keep a computer nearby. After all, if you reboot your device when the certificate is expired, and you don’t have a computer nearby, you’ll end up jailbreak-less until you get back to your computer again.

While the interface of the app itself is nothing to get excited over, I must say I really like that app icon. And moreover, I think it’s a good tool for any jailbroken device where the certificate expires.

If you’re among those who have a steel trap for a mind and never forget when your jailbreak will expire, then I’ll have to hand you my congratulations and tell you that you’ll never need this app, but for those who don’t, you should check it out.

It’s a free download in Cydia’s Bigboss repository and works on all devices jailbroken with the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10. Moreover, it’s open sourced on GitHub if you’re interested in learning more about the source code.

Note: The app only works if you’ve jailbroken with Cydia Impactor. If you have jailbroken with any other way, such as via a web browser, the app is not guaranteed to work.

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Do you like the idea behind having an app that can help you keep track of your certificate expiration dates? Share in the comments below.

  • Blake

    It would be really nice if it did a push notification when the time got close. Or maybe it does?

  • Nathan Peterson

    Why do they not make many tweaks compatible with 10.1.1?

    • Stephen Hedger

      becuase a stable jailbreak has only recently been released so how does a dev update all thier tweeks that fast?

    • :D

      Compared to 10.2?

      • Nathan Peterson

        I have 10.1.1 and a lot of tweaks I want say I cannot install because it “Depends IOS Firmware >=10.0” So it looks like you need just IOS 10.0

      • :D

        Oh, you probably just have to wait for them to be updated for iOS 10. More or less all of the tweaks I use have already been updated.

  • yhussy

    Stupid 7 days jailbreak.

    • Stephen Hedger

      better than nothinga at all hey?

  • cdlenfert

    “if you install the app today by signing it with Impactor, it will likely be your last time” – saurik

  • Super Fox

    That’s good! Also I’m about to lose my JB 9.0.1 cause I crack my screen. I have warranty and apple won’t teach a JB phone!

    • Rudy De Leon


  • Nabid Alam Antu

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.2 Version.
    Is it possible to jailbreak with YALU ??? Plz response.

    • Αντρέας Χαραλάμπους

      not yet am afraid

      • Nabid Alam Antu

        Thank you very much for the response. Can u please notify me whenever its available for my iPhone??
        my email address is

  • Lloyd Bentley

    OK, first time post. I used the yalu 102 patch to jailbreak my iPhone 6 on the 7th of February. It’s been longer than seven days and my phone is still jailbroken. I was under the impression that the certificate lasted seven days and then had to be re-run using Cydia Impactor. Has something changed? Is my iPhone a freak? Of note, I haven’t rebooted since I jailbroke my phone.

  • Rudy De Leon

    this only works with Yalu then right? i am jailbroken with pheonix on iphone 4s 9.3.5 and cet time remaining did not detect a certificate.