Apple late Monday posted a new ad to its YouTube channel called ‘One Night—Shot on iPhone 7.’ The clip, which first popped up on Apple’s website last month, shows a number of photos and videos taken using Apple’s latest handset.

In the description of the YouTube post, Apple says the commercial features content from 16 photographers, in 15 cities, on 6 continents, taken in one night. The song you hear playing the background is SnowFall by Ahmad Jamal Trio.

Source: YouTube

  • diggitydang

    I’d be more interested in knowing what the original looked like, how they captured the shot, and then what apps they used for post processing to achieve these looks. These are great shots, obviously, but my pictures never look like this! Teach me so I can take great shots too please! Perhaps this is an iDB series!! I’d LOVE that!!

  • faisal

    one more thing….

    we were kidding about the ‘shot on iphone 7’ phrase..

  • Those picture are not shot on an iPhone, the sampels from the Apple website have 29Megapixels!

  • n0ahcruz3

    Only a fool would believe these “shot on iPhone” ads are unedited lol

  • I shoot mainly in Camera+ in RAW
    Files are mostly bigger than 23Mb each. After saving them in TIFF, I can edit them in all different kinds of apps
    Shooting images like this with editing everything on an iPhone 6s Plus was/is already possible…
    You don’t need an iPhone 7 for this