Slide Over and Split View are two amazing features of iOS, but Apple has limited them to a select few iPads for what they call, “performance restraints.”

As we all know, many of Apple’s other devices are capable of utilizing these features too, so a new jailbreak tweak called Gorgone by CydiaGeek unlocks the features on any previously-unsupported devices, so long as they’re jailbroken of course.

To start, we should mention that Slide Over and Split View are normally only enabled on the following devices out of the box:

  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2 (except Split View)

You will notice that not a single iPhone, not even the 5.5-inch models, are supported in the list. Neither are certain models of iPad, like the iPad with Retina display, which is perfectly capable of running the feature.

Of course, Apple’s real reason for blocking these features isn’t necessarily due to “performance restraints,” or even “usability issues,” but rather the fact that it’s a marketing ploy to get you to buy their tablets and upgrade to newer ones where necessary.

If you simply install Gorgone, you can activate Slide Over and Split View on any of your devices, regardless of whether Apple has it enabled by default or not. As shown above, the feature works perfectly (and smoothly, I might add) on a 5.5-inch iPhone.

To use it, you just swipe from the right side of the screen, which displays the app picker. From there, you can choose an app, and iOS will load the app right beside the app you’re already in.

The feature would probably even work on a smaller iPhone, like the iPhone SE, but I have a feeling that the severely undersized screen might be a little less comfortable to work with this feature on.

For what it’s worth, the tweak also enables Home screen rotation on unsupported devices, which means even those smaller 4-inch iPhones can enjoy a landscape Home screen, just like the larger iPhones have been enjoying for the last two years.

Gorgone will add a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can enable or disable the tweak on demand. It also includes a Respring button so that you can save your changes.

I think that the Split View works pretty good on a 5.5-inch iPhone, so if you’ve ever needed to look at two apps side by side, I would recommend checking the tweak out. It’s a free download from Cydia’s Bigboss repository and works on all jailbroken iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices.

Would you ever use Slide Over on your iPhone? Share how you would use it below!

  • Tom Hopkins

    By default, split view is not supported on ipad mini 2. Only slide over is supported

  • Noohar

    Please do a video of it running on a Plus iPhone!

  • :D

    There should be an option for using two fingers to enter split view instead of just one.

    I had to uninstall this tweak because I kept on entering split view by accident. Plus there’s the fact you can’t use the forward gesture with this tweak installed.

  • Iskren Donev

    Two questions:

    1. Can the Slide-Over app take up the full screen rather than just 4/5 of it?
    2. Does this tweak also enable PiP (Picture in Picture) mode?

    • Jayy

      I can’t answer your first question, but if you want PiP download a tweak called ForceInPicture

  • Mohammed Khaled Kawsar

    wrong… not supported on ipad air 2… only slide over… not split view

    • .Monkey

      No, it is supported

      • Swanny246

        I think Mohammed was referring to the stock feature, not the jailbreak tweak.

      • Mohammed Khaled Kawsar

        Sorry mate. Was referring tO iPad Air 1

    • Mike

      My Stock and unjailbroken iPad Air 2 supports slide over and split view.

      • Thanks for reporting back Mike. I edited the article based on your reply, as well as a few others.

  • Thanks for the Review, man! 🙂

    • :D

      Did you build the tweak? It would be really great if you could add an option for having to use 2 fingers. That’s the one thing it’s missing and it’s the reason I ended up uninstalling it. It otherwise did work well.

      • Firedomain

        I feel like 2 fingers would be unintuitive on an iPhone, maybe something like the grabber arrow that pops up after the 1st swipe might be useful.

      • :D

        I’m currently using Tage and I have it set to two fingers. The only issue is that you can’t activate it if you’re using your phone in one hand.
        Even though a grabber would prevent accidental activations, you would still have to give up the forward gesture.

      • Firedomain

        Ah yea, forgot about that. I don’t often use that gesture.

      • Yup it is me. I will look for it asap and thanks!

      • :D

        Awesome, thanks 🙂

      • Welcome:)

    • Vlad Lyla

      Hey , I have an idea man. It’s all about multitasking using slide over/split view swither. Some times it is really hard to find actuall app in that window. To solve it i offer to add an alphabet line.

      Damn , don’t have any guesses why apple forget do that.

      Look at the picture – self made concept of idea.

      • Sorry of the delay and yeah, some users asked me for that. Will look asap man.

  • John

    The article says iPad Air 2 doesn’t support Split View, but mine (model A1566) absolutely does

    • Mike

      Mine does too.

    • I’m receiving conflicting information here. One reader said it does not support, and now you’re saying it does support. The article originally said it did support, and I edited it to say it didn’t support after the first reader said it did not.

      EDIT: I fixed the article again. Thank you for pointing it out.

      • brymonster

        iPad Air Does not natively support split view. Only slide over.

      • Luis Felipe Artola

        neither do the ipad mini 2 or 3, also included in the list of supported devices above.

  • Oakenshield

    Tweak not working on my iPhone SE iOS 9.3.2

  • Eliijah Moss

    Correction, tested and works on iPhone 6S Plus. It’s lists under the tweaks description that it works on iPhones too, unless the test was taken off. I’m using a mother tweak though. It’s has favorites, switches, and recently opened.

  • C B

    Is there any way to get splitscreen in portrait mode be stacked vertically? Seem kind of useless to have them stacked horizontally. I have a feeling it’s a limitation on the iPhone and not in the app though.