Google today updated Chrome for iPhone and iPad on App Store with a pair of new features. The first allows you to scan a QR code or barcode by selecting a new Scan QR Code option in the shortcuts menu after pressing the app’s Home screen icon with 3D Touch on iPhone 6s/7 series. On older devices without 3D Touch, search for “QR” in iOS’s Spotlight feature to reveal a shortcut to the browser’s new barcode-scanning function.

As for the other feature, Google says it’s overhauled the tab switcher layout on iPad to make it easier to access your open websites.

QR codes and barcodes are being increasingly used as a marketing tool.

Companies often infuse these codes with URLs that lead to ad campaigns, special product promotions and other data. As iOS does not support barcode-scanning via the Camera app yet, iPhone users are required to use third-party apps that support scanning of barcodes, like Scanbot for example.

With today’s Chrome update, you no longer have to download extra apps as the browser can now handle QR codes and barcodes and will automatically display any webpages that might be embedded in these codes.

Earlier this month, the search giant announced that the source code for Chrome for iOS is now available on an open-source basis. Just last week, Google released Chrome 56 for Mac with various performance enhancements and lower power consumption.

Chrome for iOS is available free on App Store.

  • Stefano Polo

    I got the chrome update yesterday on my 6s plus and it’s not showing the ‘QR Scan’ when I 3D touch the app. I even removed the app from memory and tried again (sometimes that helps with cache issues with new updates). But that didn’t resolve it either. I wonder if this is an issue for others or just me I guess….

    • Check Settings → Privacy to see if the app is allowed to access your camera

      • Stefano Polo

        so I went to the chrome settings themselves to see what service it had access to on my phone, camera isn’t listed. I even went to the Camera Privacy settings to see which apps have or don’t have access to it, again Chrome isn’t listed. Seems like a bug maybe?

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Same device here. Received the update yesterday and when I tried it today for the first time it also did not show when I initiated 3D touch on the icon. I resolved it by opening the app, closing it, removing it from memory and tried 3D touch again. This time it showed up and when I tapped on “Scan QR Code” it opened the app and viewfinder and asked me to allow it to access the camera. Works fine now.

      • Stefano Polo

        wow, had to try that a few times but it worked!!!

        I hate when this happens. I’ve had issues in the past where new features don’t show up after an update because of some caching issue…